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  1. chadarcy

    Mutoh falcon outdoor print head

    I hear you! That is crazy for just a print head. Guess I really shouldn't be complaining. I have learned though that it is worth taking the time to pull it apart to try and clean a clogged head. There is not really anything hard about it, except to do things with the correct solvents and make sure to unplug the printer. Chad
  2. chadarcy

    Mutoh falcon outdoor print head

    Yeah, feel stupid after the fact now for even trying the paint thinner! I was actually looking at that auction if I need to buy new. Kicking myself in the butt for throwing away $400 bucks because of a stupid mistake. Thanks for the help
  3. I really messed up and just ruined the two print heads in my printer. As a warning to everyone, never try to flush out a print head with paint thinner. Oh it does clean out the head but also eats away the plastic on the head. So everyone of the damper connections became rubberized and broke. So now I was wondering can anyone help me out the either has some extra heads around that possibly work or know of a place to pay a less expensive cost than brand new heads. I was in the process of getting this going after sitting a while because of blown head fuses, and am just going to sell. If I can find them cheap enough I will put in, otherwise I may just sell as-is and make the buyer aware of the problem. Chad
  4. chadarcy

    mutoh falcon outdoor 46" head fuse HELP

    This is exactly what I already did and YES!!! I am printing again! Feels good! But now I am only trying to get this going 100% again to sell. Wish I thought that I would use it more to make it worth keeping. It is not worth the hassle of worrying about the heads always drying up. Chad
  5. I am about positive I have bad head fuses because I am getting a near 1 DCV reading on F1 and F2 is getting no reading at all. Does anyone know what the approximate voltage should be at these fuses. This is for a Mutoh Falcon 46" outdoor printer. Thanks, Chad
  6. chadarcy

    oddball email coming from uscutter

    I have replied back to two of them but not getting a response back. Almost like they don't see my message or something.
  7. Can anyone help me out with the following email I have been recieving the last couple of days. I am not sure if it is legit or not. The subject of the email has been the following: Re: chadarcy - viewing profile - uscutter forum. the message is: Hello, Hey didn't hear back from you, are you still in business ? kathy I won't give the email address of the person but this one is actually coming from a business website. Is this a form of spam or is someone actually replying to a post of mine. What is making me wonder if it could be a legit message is the subject line of the email message. Thanks, Chad
  8. chadarcy

    Need help making static cling business sign

    Thanks I misunderstood you. I thought you wanted me to put the vinyl on the cling side, which would be against the window. Great help on this forum!!
  9. chadarcy

    Need help making static cling business sign

    MM64 thanks for your help. That makes perfect sense! Chad
  10. chadarcy

    Need help making static cling business sign

    Ok that is what I was thinking but how does that side of the vinyl look with the glue on it. Is this the normal way to do an cling being used on the inside of a window but read on the outside.
  11. chadarcy

    Need help making static cling business sign

    To make sure the way you are saying to do it the vinyl will be between the glass and the cling. If that is the case are you sure you have to mirror it.
  12. I have a potential customer which would like a business sign for a front window, but needs to be removed from time to time. She would like the cling to attach on the inside of the window to read from the outside. I have never worked with cling before. I am assuming if it were going on the outside of the window and reading from the outside this would be no problem. I am picturing that you just lay vinyl colors ontop of the cling so that it is on the outer surface. But with it clinging to the inside of the window wouldn't you have to put the vinyl color (lettering) on the same surface of the cling that will be going on the window. Will that work, or am I going about this wrong? Please help to clarify the procedure for me. Thanks in advance! Chad
  13. chadarcy

    Having a problem with text added to a image

    I solved my own problem by reading another post! I was not aware that you could shut off colors in the cutting screen. I had to hold shift down and click on each to get all of them to show up. Hope this helps others, and thanks for trying to help. Chad
  14. chadarcy

    Having a problem with text added to a image

    here it is again! LOGO.SBD LOGO.SBD
  15. Could someone look at this file and explain to me why the text is not being sent when I try to do the cutting operation. I first imported a .eps of the image in this file and then added the text to it. All that sends over to cut is the wireframe of the image without the text. Thanks, Chad LOGO.SBD LOGO.SBD