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  1. Banner John, thanks for that history on SignBlazer. It makes sense. I could tell something was a miss with the software.
  2. Hi Steve. Thanks for the uninstall/install procedure. I wouldn't consider attempting to cut simple words from vinyl doing signs. Eventhough you say your a programmer, I can rest assured I have more experience working with computers than you do. Go watch TV or something.
  3. yes, i will re-install wonder if uninstall is necessary
  4. you know Ken from US Cutter had me re-install yesterday; do multiple installations have to occur with these programs it's interesting in a weird way; it seems like the software has a lot of flaws; maybe the industry doesn't have enough users to warrant continual updates or "service packs" as the big guys do(MS); I ran into this issue with real estate forms that have gone from paper to computer via software co's; there are many flaws in the software and I feel like I should be paid $250/hour to be continually pointing out the flaws to these companies confused here
  5. ok, solution...of sorts As Jenny suggested, I checked(x) the mirror box in the cutting mode and while what then appears on screen is a reversible word (in this case) does cut correctly ( I can read the word correctly looking at the vinyl side (whereas it read correct through the white backing paper before) i don't understand though; does this mean I'll be creating words that read correctly (all I'm making are riders for my commercial real estate signs), then I'll go to cutting mode, look at them reversed, hit "cut" and they'll come out good?? this is crazy...... another thing, it seemed that the cutter took the vinyl from the other side after I checked (x) "mirror", but then switched to the original side...I know, it all sounds far-fetched, but i spent beaucoup hours working on this stuff with no real payoff yet. Thanks Jenny, Pittsburgh and last guy. Go Phillies!!!!
  6. however, if it's not checked you're suggesting to check it, correct?
  7. didn't even know about that mirror option and no, it's not checked....I was looking at another mirror option under "manipulation" this is unreal Thanks for your help
  8. just read through "Mirroring" in tutorial and it requires opening a dialogue box, etc and I definitiely did not do that. OK, I guess some day i may figure out I appreciate your guys attempt to help me out
  9. when one reads the words they appear to read correctly (through white backing) but when you go to apply you can see that's it's almost as if the sticky is on the wrong side
  10. file is only 9kb, vs max 0f 1024kb LEASE-1x4.SBD LEASE-1x4.SBD LEASE-1x4.SBD LEASE-1x4.SBD
  11. system is not taking file..says I took too long or file is too big....god nothing is straightforward appearance was normal on screen