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    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    I have installed/uninstalled signblazer about 30 times now. I have never had a problem with it up until about a month ago. is the version. I've even tried the UK download. Using windows vista. I have a cr1200 cutter. I have trouble trying to import files. Sometimes it takes me several attempts because the program crashes. Same when I try to set up the cutter. As soon as I click "Settings" signblazer crashes. Is there someone in the Savannah Area who would be willing to come assist me or possibly do it remotely on team viewer or something to that effect? I'm only a couple crashes away from throwing it all off the balcony. please email me if you're willing to help.
  2. gerbasiSigns

    VP540 Thinking of buying one used?

    Find out when the last time the printer was used and how often. If it sat for any amount of time, especially if it was unplugged, you'll have nothing but trouble with getting high quality prints. Find out how often it was cleaned and what all they did when they cleaned it. Since it would be your first print/cut machine, I would highly recommend using ink from roland. You will pull your hair out trying to find the right color profiles with the cheaper, after-market inks. Make sure you actually see the machine run and don't let them hand you "something they printed with it in the past". Good Luck!
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    T-Shirt Vendor Recommendations?

    Sanmar is a great company. I buy 75% of my product through them. Talk to one of their account reps and see about setting one up and getting case pricing. Same day shipping and free for orders over $200.
  4. gerbasiSigns

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    I'm having a problem with signblazer. It has been crashing whenever I try to adjust my cutter settings. I unistalled it and attempted to re-install it and now it crashes whenever I try to cut. I'm further behind now than I was before. Now I can't find a download that is working. I am running windows vista on my pc that I normally use. I have used signblazer flawlessly for years. I had to break out my reserve cutter and thats when I started having problems. Can someone please send me a link to the download for signblazer as the links I've tried have been unsuccessful. I've since replaced my reserve cutter and I am using a CR1200.
  5. I have a pcut ctn630 that is not cutting accurately. When I try to cut a circle, it ends up with flat spots in random locations, it doesn't track properly. The cuts don't line up anywhere close to where they are supposed to be. I'm using a brand new 45 degree blade. I am using signblazer elements and have never had a problem like this before. I have two of the same cutters and the other one works fine. Whenever I try to change the cutter settings, signblazer comes up with the "unrecoverable error" and crashes. I have calibrated this machine according to US cutters forum (with the nickel) and it hasn't helped any. Is there any other way to adjust settings or calibrate the machine to cut properly? Is there a way to prevent the program from crashing every time I try to open the cutter settings?
  6. gerbasiSigns

    Bad Cuts

    I am using windows vista and connecting via USB. The computer I am using was the primary computer that I used at one point but is now just a reserve. This cutter was also a reserve. The other cutter was working flawlesly with it. I have had issues with signblazer in the past when I try to import files, I would occassionally get the "unrecoverable error" message and have to restart the program. I unistalled signblazer and reinstalled it last night. Now, when I go to cut, I get the same error message and the program crashes. I'm further behind now than I was before since I can't even cut now. I did hook up my cutter to my mac and using signcut, was able to get the cutter to work, but the issue of it not cutting properly is still there. The final product looks like a three year old got ahold of a knife and tried to cut some designs out.