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  1. Blue27


    Here I will help you half way, attached are some checkerd flags and just checkers Checkered Flags.pdf
  2. Blue27

    Heed help with this font

    I found it, right after I posted this question,lol I do not know how to delete a post it is Blades
  3. Blue27

    Heed help with this font

    Cannot find this phone number font Baby Kruffy is close but not it. Thanks
  4. Blue27

    Road Signs

  5. Blue27

    noob in need for cub scout logo

    Here is the same thing but with the type cleaned up, I use this one for a local pack's t-shirts Cub Scout Wolf Logo.eps Cub Scout Wolf Logo.eps
  6. Blue27

    tee shirt template

    Here is another, I use it in Illy and just change the fill to match the color of the shirt T shirt Proof.pdf T shirt Proof.pdf
  7. I have a customer that wants some prices on pens and keychains, any recommendations on a supplier? They will need to be printed by the supplier. Thanks
  8. Blue27

    A few shirts I did today

    looks great, what did you use? the blacks look real nice, some of the ones I have seen do not look that dark
  9. i have used it once, and it worked.
  10. I am looking Girl Basketball player and Track and Field cilpart, Thanks
  11. Blue27

    CE5000 font size

    I have cut this small, its about 1/8 inch, PS thats not my window,lol this is at a garage that I do alot of work for and they let me advertise there.
  12. Blue27

    Heat Transfer from Transfer Express

    I have, I bought my Heatpress from them so it came with it, They have nice transfers and options like pre designed artwork just add your text and colors, but there are cheaper out there if you do your own art work.
  13. Blue27

    Peterbuilt 379
  14. Blue27

    Matco Logo

    Looking for this logo, can not find a good one, yes I checked Brand of the World and Seek Logo,lol.
  15. Blue27

    Flat Track Racer

    I think that came from one of the swapmeet collections on here