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  1. New Years' Resolutions Thread

    My resolutions are to sell more, and sail more.
  2. Does this Vinyl Exist?

    They only have 10 colors but Avery 900 Ultra Metallic sparkles pretty well.
  3. name the location game

    Here's a couple better images. I don't know if it's the southwest. It has a chimney, and I think the house in the background does too. Plus the hills in the background are pretty green. If someone could figure out who the guy is in the stained glass, maybe the church is named after him.
  4. Weird. Mine doesn't have that type of holder or the cut line pattern menu option they show.
  5. This Camaro was wrecked pretty good and we painted almost the whole car, so I had to replace the vinyl. In addition to the racing stripes, they had funky black vinyl all over the deck lid and bumpers and even the bowtie emblem that I had to replace. I pre-cut some racing stripes for the hood but did stripes on the deck lid and spoiler and the other black vinyl on the deck (behind the emblem) and the bumper with knifeless tape and wrap vinyl. It was a pain running the knifeless tape around the edges of the taillight recesses because the lights fit tight against it at the top, but it turned out ok.
  6. Is that only the European version of the CE6000 that has that? My 'murican '60 doesn't.
  7. A few questions about installing on vehicle paint

    Here's what I would do. I would center the decal on the bottom of the bed like so, and adjust the size of the design accordingly. If it went to the right any more, it would be too close to the taillight, so you're limited in that direction. Any more to the left and not only will you get into the curvature of the wheel well, but it will be off center with the bottom of the bed. There's nothing that says you can't be off center down there, but it's the kind of thing I notice. The Dodges in this thread are different. The bottom of their beds curve up under the truck and the rear of the bed bends away behind the bumper, both of which help break it up. But the bottom of the F-150 is basically a flat rectangle and the decal will fall somewhere inside that well defined box at the bottom of the bed. I'd center it, and centering would seem to keep you from having to worry about that wheel well.
  8. Graphtec Question

    Yeah, but I don't work like most of you guys do. While I do some signs and decals, the bulk of my work is more of a repeating wholesale thing for pre-made designs. I need to save things in a project format so I can open them and the sizing and layout are already there. I just click "cut" and get paid
  9. Graphtec Question

    I've had Pro since July but have been hesitant to use it. Truth be told, I haven't ran across anything I can't do in Studio, and I do some weird stuff sometimes. But I'm mostly worried about whether this Pro version is a one time freebie or if it will be an ongoing project that will be updated and free forever. I'm hesitant to switch all my work to it if it will be out of date in a couple years.
  10. Graphtec Question

    The default file format is flexi's .fs but it can export to these:
  11. Graphtec Question

    To make the Ohio outline beefier, look at the "offset selected shape" option. It's the red and white target looking button near the top. It will draw around your shape and you can adjust the slider to make the drawing larger or smaller. Studio can export as pdf then you can convert it to eps to use in other software. You can convert it online if you don't have software installed to do it, just google pdf to eps converter. You may be able to get a free copy of Studio Pro if you go to this site and fill out your info and the serial number on your Graphtec machine. I got it a few months ago and the site is still up, so I guess they're still giving it away. It turns out that after all the wait for a pro version, it's actually just Flexi with the Graphtec name added to it. That's ok, Flexi is great and I don't mind getting it for free, but it's funny that Graphtec Studio Pro is nothing like Graphtec Studio. It looks like they have officially released it for $1000!
  12. Anybody recognize this one...

    D'oh! I forgot about the slider! Thanks.
  13. Anybody recognize this one...

    Oh wow thanks. How'd you do that? I couldn't get Find My Font to recognize any letters.
  14. Anybody recognize this one...

    Does anyone recognize the flourishes on the capital letters? This is from a business card and I can't even get a good enough photo for Find my Font to work on it. It's not a big deal, I'm making single use signs and anything will work. But for many of the signs I only have business cards to go from so instead of laying out the information in a new way, I've been recreating the cards as signs, down the every detail. This font might ruin my record of perfection lol
  15. Material for Masking for Paint?

    I've used both Oramask 811 and 813. 811 is thicker and I don't really remember much about it except that I was happy when I switched to 811. I used 811 on the 8 inch Cobra below and had a hard time weeding it. On the other hand, I've used 813 for patterns that were an inch or two tall and it weeded about as easily as regular vinyl.