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  1. Color Match

    That's a hard color to match. I do a lot of pinstriping and that's a perfect match for a 3M pinstripe 085 Light Gold Metallic but 3M doesn't make vinyl rolls in that color anymore. I've looked at pretty much every vinyl manufacturer for vinyl to match that stripe and the best I've found is Avery Supercast 900 Metallic 217 Light Gold and Sharpline 044 Light Gold Metallic. The Avery looks perfect but if you put it on top of the Arizona Beige, it has a slightly different shine to it. It should be fine if you're putting it on the white part of the truck. I think Sharpline may be a better match but I've never used it, I just have it on my own color match list as a backup.
  2. cutting vinyl with tranfer tape on already?

    You can always let the vinyl sit on the vehicle for a bit so the adhesive on the vinyl dries and the decal gets stuck to the vehicle. It rarely takes more than a minute or two, and if you wet the transfer tape and leave it for a couple minutes, it'll pull off a lot easier too.
  3. This Please

    It's custom
  4. "We just did what our customer wanted"

    Unlikely, given the customer's history of stiffing people
  5. That's also a good idea for large designs that aren't gong to lift. If you're halfway through peeling a 10 ft design, it's not very easy to keep that 5 ft of sticky vinyl away from everything. Heck, that's sometimes true even for a 2x2 ft design.
  6. You'll probably get better with some practice so that it doesn't happen as often. Always pay attention to the "direction" the design is facing. Try to avoid peeling directly perpendicular toward the long part of a letter, for example a capital "L." Peeling left to right puts a lot of pressure all along the long part of the L and may be enough to lift it up. I'd prefer to peel from lower left so that I hit the L at the pointy part. You want to peel an "e" right to left so you peel away that little bit of vinyl inside the lower part of the e with the rest of the vinyl. Going left to right, it will leave that bit of vinyl, but as you pass the e, that bit may lift up and take the rest of the letter with it. On the other hand, other letters like a "g" need to be pulled the other direction. None of this is set in stone. Using my examples, peeling the word "Leg" would be virtually impossible. In reality, I usually start in a corner and peel at an angle. From there I can adjust the direction I'm peeling if I need to. If I get to a certain shape and want to pull right to left, I start doing that. Then if I get to another that will peel better from bottom to top, I do that. And if I get to one that I'm pulling from completely the wrong direction, I just hold it down with my finger and peel away. It sounds harder and more involved than it is. With practice, you'll just look at a design and start peeling from the best direction without even thinking about it.
  7. Cutting Really long!!

    On the machine, go into menu > media > page length
  8. I rarely do decals like this but here's what I'd do.. I charge the dimensions on every color. For this decal, I'd split the colors up and line them up as if they're ready to cut, see what the dimensions are and total them up. The text is over 24 inches so on my 24 inch machine I'd have to tilt it (cutting horizontal is a waste of vinyl). Optional - Notice the white pieces circled in green are out of place. They double the width of the white parts of the fish, so I'd move them close to cut them then layer them separately later. Optional - I may also add a little to the measurements because I'd actually use about 16 inches of vinyl to get a 15 inch piece. You may notice that I round up the measurements a little already. I'd charge $75. I'd probably charge $100 if I installed it. If that's too much, good, I hate decals and didn't want to do it anyway. But in reality, you're using less than $10 of material. If you're happy making $35 on the job, you did fine. You'd be happier if you made $65 though.
  9. Mobile font finding apps

    I was poking around the Android app store today and found that What The Font and Find My Font now have mobile apps that allow you to take a photo and ID the fonts in it. I've been watching for these forever. What The Font had an mobile apps but pulled the Android version from the store for a couple years but I think the Find My Font app is new. Both are available for Android and iPhone now. What The Font seems to be easier and faster to use while Find My Font has a lot more options. Both are free but with Find My Font you get 5 lookup credits per day unless you pay and you get 20 extra credits when you install the app. I'm not sure if unused credits roll over or not and I can't find anything about pricing for people that already have the PC application but in the app you can buy 30 credits for $.99, 150 for $2.99 or unlimited for $19.99. Anyway, I'm sure some people will find them useful.
  10. New Years' Resolutions Thread

    My resolutions are to sell more, and sail more.
  11. Does this Vinyl Exist?

    They only have 10 colors but Avery 900 Ultra Metallic sparkles pretty well.
  12. name the location game

    Here's a couple better images. I don't know if it's the southwest. It has a chimney, and I think the house in the background does too. Plus the hills in the background are pretty green. If someone could figure out who the guy is in the stained glass, maybe the church is named after him.
  13. Weird. Mine doesn't have that type of holder or the cut line pattern menu option they show.
  14. This Camaro was wrecked pretty good and we painted almost the whole car, so I had to replace the vinyl. In addition to the racing stripes, they had funky black vinyl all over the deck lid and bumpers and even the bowtie emblem that I had to replace. I pre-cut some racing stripes for the hood but did stripes on the deck lid and spoiler and the other black vinyl on the deck (behind the emblem) and the bumper with knifeless tape and wrap vinyl. It was a pain running the knifeless tape around the edges of the taillight recesses because the lights fit tight against it at the top, but it turned out ok.
  15. Is that only the European version of the CE6000 that has that? My 'murican '60 doesn't.