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  1. jmas

    which printer?

    I should have been more clear, I couldn't do the one you want. I hope it didn't sound like I would do something for the OP but not you lol
  2. jmas

    which printer?

    Oh sorry, I was actually interested in what the OP needed.
  3. jmas

    which printer?

    What kind of stickers? How many colors?
  4. jmas

    Pinch Roller Wheels

    I don't know if these fit yours but they sell wheels for $8
  5. jmas

    Car Logos

    The Toyota 86 and Ford Raptor
  6. It looks like the CE Lite is kinda crippled, cutting a max thickness of 4mil. Will a thinner mylar work?
  7. jmas

    carrier sheet on mh cutter scraps ?

    I do the same. Use a little scotch tape on the edges to tape them to the backing paper. Free cutting mat.
  8. I don't know the quality but they're all over etsy for less than that. I had someone ask to do two for him with cut vinyl. I calculated the first at $80, the second was simpler so I told him I'd do them both for $100. He said he could get two online for $60. I told him to get them online. He said he couldn't because the pair they sell online were a matching pair and he wanted two different designs, and they didn't have either design he wanted anyway.
  9. jmas

    reusable stencils

    This shouldn't be hard to find but I think you need three steps.. 1) Figure out what material you'll want to use. This is a little harder since you don't have a plotter to test material with yet. You'll have to look at it and determine if it'll work for the painting you want to do. If you think the material at the hobby store will work, buy some of it, look at it, handle it, cut a hole in it with a knife and practice painting with it. If it works, go on to the next steps. 2) Determine if the MH will cut it. The MH specs say it can cut up to 39 mil thick material. Thickness isn't everything, the material matters too. It can't cut 39mils of steel after all. But since you don't have a plotter to test with, I'd ask somebody to be sure once you've found a material. Google indicates that 4, 7 and 10 mil mylar are often used for stencils, and I bet that's what those 12x12 sheets are made of. That shouldn't be any trouble at all, if it works and if that's what it's made of. 3) Look for rolls. If you do settle on mylar, there seems to be a lot of rolls of it online. Whatever you choose, don't limit yourself to what's on vinyl sites, you might find what you need elsewhere. I was looking into helping make face shields for medical personnel using my plotter. I eventually found a clear plastic material used in the baking industry and got a couple feet to test it. It worked, but it wasn't wide enough and I didn't know the thickness, so I measured it with calipers then found a plastics manufacturer that sells large rolls of it to various industries in that thickness.
  10. Priority Mail is what makes it expensive. Even their medium Priority box is $12 and small Priority box is $8.
  11. jmas

    Help with this #11

    Tahoma Bold and Interstate Mono are both close. The shape is pretty common, the base which is longer on the left than the right is not. You could find a match for the upper part and add a base, or chop off part of the base on Tahoma or Interstate
  12. jmas

    Need Font Help Please

    I think the app has all the same features at the bottom as the PC program. It just takes a lot of tinkering to get it right sometimes. I took a photo of my monitor, which always comes out poor, adjusted the contrast to the left until 3/4 of the letters started turning blue and here are the matches
  13. and the bottom one is just about any of these:
  14. I don't have any vinyl videos, but it's as simple as I described. It obviously only works for solid shapes.
  15. This may sound dumb, but for something that small, try doing it without any transfer tape at all. Just cut the stripe, peel it off the paper, wet it, put it on, get it in the right place and squeegee it.