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  1. jmas

    Printing on Vinyl

    If you look at the specs for 751, it says the only print method it is compatible with is thermal transfer
  2. jmas


    Signkit Script for everything but the "ebel" in Rebel, I don't know what that is
  3. jmas

    Having a Scale issue !

    Are you using Graphtec Studio? It adds a cushion all around the text when you first type it out. If you size it with that cushion, it will end up smaller when you cut. If you ungroup the letters, you get the actual size they'll cut. The downsize is that you can't edit the text after ungrouping them. Here's just typing the word and sizing it to 2x3.5 Ungrouped Regrouped
  4. jmas

    Vectorised a QR Code, and it works

    That's a lot of weeding! There's another way to do codes. Scan them and copy the data into a QR code generator like this one and download the eps for nice crisp lines
  5. jmas

    HPGL to GPGL

    GPGL doesn't seem to be well documented but I found a python script here that claims to convert hpgl to gpgl Another site with some collected information It's geared toward the Silhouette Cameo but you can probably find some useful info there. The first link under "references" is intriguing, but it's a dead link. This appears to be an archived version It looks like a GPGL command list
  6. jmas


    Does that work with raleway? It uses oldstyle numerals which are supposed to be different sizes. If you resize them to be the same size won't it make their thickness different?
  7. jmas

    Can anyone help?

    It actually traces pretty well. Give it an hour of editing and it'd look pretty good recipe.eps
  8. When you load the machine, do you press 1 for "front edge" or 2 for "start from here"? Mine will not find reg marks unless I use 2.
  9. Yes, you have to change the design between the first and second cut. Better yet, use two files. Here's the first file. Let's say the square is the thing you want cut out. You add reg marks with the software so it adds those 4 brackets. My software says the brackets are .5in in size, the lines are .039 thick and they're placed 1 inch from the design. If you printed this in a printer then put it in a plotter, the plotter would look for the reg marks and cut out the design inside them. Since you don't have a printer, you can make those brackets out of vinyl. Save that as file1. Now, design your own reg marks that match the ones the software added and place them where the other reg marks were. Here I've made 4 bracket shapes with the correct dimensions and put them 1 inch from the design. Save it as file2. Send file2 it to the plotter and it will cut out 5 shapes in the vinyl, the square and the 4 bracket shapes, because it doesn't see the brackets as software created reg marks, they're just part of the design. Then you can weed the vinyl, apply it to the magnet and put the magnet back in the plotter. The magnet has the vinyl design and 4 vinyl brackets on it. Open file1 and send it to the plotter and the plotter will look for reg marks and cut out the square. The reg marks are just made out of vinyl instead of being printed.
  10. I don't know about cutting magnet material but just make registration marks part of the design and cut them out of vinyl when you're cutting the design. I've drawn registration marks by hand with a marker and my machine found them.
  11. jmas

    Some suitable products for Plasterboard wall

    This may not help because I think you may be printing it? I haven't printed wall designs and I don't know what is available in Australia, but I know a little about Oracal 631wall vinyl if that helps. I've done a handful of wall vinyl jobs for businesses, a couple with Oracal 751 because they didn't care and didn't want to wait for me to order 631, the rest with 631. 631 looks better and it's insanely cheap. Normal vinyl doesn't look as good because it's glossy and every little bump shows through. 631 is matte, and while the bumps show through, the matte texture helps them blend in with the vinyl. 631 really looks like the design was painted onto the wall, 731 looks like a shiny decal was put on the wall. Expect it to rip the paint off when removed. It may not, it's supposed to be designed not to rip the paint off, but the one time I tried removing it a month after install, it took paint with it. I just assume that it will damage the paint if removed. It will last a long time. I did some for businesses 5 years ago that are still on the wall and still look the same as they did when first installed. Most are in air-conditioned rooms but one of my largest was 16ft long and installed in a non-air conditioned building. It's exposed to 100 degree temps in the summer and it still looks perfect 5 years later. Rain and sunlight would surely damage it, but age and heat alone hasn't seemed to.
  12. I don't think you can change it
  13. I've never used a CE Lite, but I have some simple things that might be worth a try. Is the cutter head at the right registration mark? The preview in your video shows that it should be at the lower right mark and you indicate that you put the head above the upper left mark. It should always be the lower right mark regardless of how the design is rotated. My Graphtec CE6000-60 is quirky with reg marks and will never work when I load the material in the cutter and hit "1- Front Edge" on the cutter, it only works if I press "2-Start From Here." I don't know if yours has those options, but if it does, try 2 instead of 1.
  14. jmas

    Weeding SMALL letters

    Make extra dots and use them to replace any you mess up in the design.
  15. jmas

    Log of vinyl ?

    Uh, I'd ask for clarification. The term is used in the web convertor industry. Convertors take a huge roll of material from a manufacturer and cut it down to retail sizes. They call the huge rolls "logs." Obviously that's not what the vinyl site is selling, but it's very odd to use that term. Here's a log of 3M masking tape. This is how vinyl and any adhesive tape type material is made. Orafol, for example, does their converting in-house. They probably use the term "log" to mean something like the photo. Why a supplier is using that word is anybody's guess.