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  1. jmas

    Another Font ID Request

    Try Clarenden, maybe a bold variant
  2. jmas

    I could use some help

    I can't find it either. These guys did a sign and printed it too ("my happy place" is the same font). That "ce" looks so familiar, I swear I've used it before, but I can't find anything close in my own fonts. Does it have to be brush stroke or will solid letters work?
  3. jmas

    Transfer tape for wood signs

    I do quite a few stencils, however I've never actually applied any. I sell them to painters and people who do airbrushing. I use Clear Choice AT65 and they all say it works great, but that's all I've ever used so it's possible they're just used to it and something else would be better.
  4. jmas

    What to bring for wall install?

    I've ended up doing several large wall jobs recently and I think I've been lucky because they were some of the easiest jobs I've ever done. My install kit is about the same as yours. Vinyl, tape to mark the placement of where the decal needs to go, tape measure and level to find where it needs to go, ladder, squeegee. I just gave the wall a quick wipe down with a rag before starting. I do keep an install kit with a bunch of other goodies in my car so I had a bunch of other tools if I needed them, but so far that's all I've used.
  5. jmas

    Is this impossible to print?

    Where did you find the one on the left? It looks perfect. I thought about artwork and I'm mad at myself for not bringing it up, but they all gave me the impression that it couldn't be done. No, scratch that, they flat out told me it couldn't be done. I guess I need to work on my communication skills or something because I'm the common denominator in all this. Here's what I did at each shop: I showed them a sales brochure with the logo and asked if they could print a decal to look like that. They all said some variation of "it'll be gray and won't have the chrome look" or something (one wrap shop said they couldn't print silver ). I then showed them the gray decals I had done and they all said theirs would look the same. I just forgot about artwork and assumed it was impossible for some reason.
  6. Thanks, I don't usually have time to call during the day and I did do the self-service tool, I think. It wasn't a return request, but I did so something online and I ended up being emailed about it (which reminds me, I think I need to reply to their last email). They wanted photos of the vinyl with a measuring tape, but I had already used the vinyl, so they offered me a small credit. That's fine, I wasn't worried about money, and it was two small purchases involved anyway. The vinyl actually worked for me, but it could have been a problem if I hadn't ordered a little extra, and to happen twice in a week or so, I thought they should know or it could be a problem for a lot of people.
  7. I'm doing something for a local Nissan dealership that incorporates the current Nissan logo, which is a chrome emblem. I can't make that out of vinyl so I went to a sign/banner/wrap shop and got a decal printed, but it doesn't have the chrome appearance, it looks flat gray. The dealer says it won't work, it has to look more chrome. They know it won't be a mirror reflection like chrome vinyl, but it still has to have the shiny look on the left, not the flat gray look on the right. The place I had them printed said that's the best they could do. I went to 4 other shops and they all said they couldn't do it any better. At one huge, incredibly professional print shop, they called their sign specialist over to look at it and the first thing he said was "We can do it but the bevel won't look right and it'll look gray, not chrome." So, is it just impossible to print this? Can any printers explain why it's so hard? It's possible that everyone in my area is just bad at their job, but I take their word for it. I just can't really wrap my head around it though. The dealership is filled with sales brochures that have it printed on them. It seems so me like if it can be printed on paper, it could be printed on vinyl. I wish I had asked the last place I visited, but frankly, the place was amazing and I was so excited about some of their equipment and the other work they were doing, I forgot about it and asked about those things instead.
  8. I'm definitely going to call them now because it happened again! I wasn't that worried about the first time and figured it was a one-time thing, but wanted people to know to check their order just in case. Well, lo and behold, I got another job over the weekend with an oddball color so I ordered 5 full rolls plus 2 yards of the oddball color. The 2 yards again came in two pieces, 55 and 24 inches.
  9. jmas

    need help cutting vinyl decals by hand

    I can't even imagine cutting decals by hand. That's crazy talk... but I kind of like the thought. Some of the things I do require me to cut vinyl by hand. It's never anything intricate like a logo, but I do sort of pride myself in my steady hand and precise knifework. So while I don't encourage you to follow this path because I think it would take years to be good at it, I'll still give a tip or two. It's easy to cut just the vinyl by cutting lightly. You really have to bear down fairly hard to cut both. Try using about the same pressure on your knife as you use with an ink pen and paper. In my experience, you won't be able to cut anything very well until you find a knife that works for you. I can't do anything with an exacto knife. I've used everything large and small. I bought one of those knives with about 30 different blades and found that they're all useless. My favorite knife is something like the NT Cutter knife with 30 degree blades. The standard angled blades are just as useless to me as a butter knife, but the 30 degree blades are amazing. It's the only blade I can freehand a straight line with or cut curves that are smooth and don't look wavy. Your favorite knife may be something completely different, but you probably have to find it. It's probably not what you happen to have laying nearby.
  10. I needed to make a few 46 inch long stripes and a couple 14 inch decals in a color I don't use often so I ordered 5 ft of 751 " By The Foot Continuous." I received two pieces, one 49 inches and the other 18 inches. It worked, so I'm not really complaining about this time, but I often order small quantities that I need to be continuous and have time constraints. I could have been really screwed by non-continuous continuous vinyl.
  11. jmas

    Application Tape ID

    Is that a Camaro hood stripe? Chevrolet factory graphics use app tape like that. Toyota uses the same stuff in certain applications. I kinda wish I knew where to get it too, I have a specific application where it would work well. I've looked before but never found anything.
  12. Thanks guys. I think I can get them to go with acrylic. Maybe I should have explained better. It's a permanent fixture featuring the company logo in their very fancy lobby. Coroplast won't work and gator board looks iffy although gator board has some other products... that seem to be only available in multipacks that run upwards of $2000 for one of the materials I thought would be perfect. I have several sheets of aluminum composite that's more or less the same as DiBond/MaxMetal and have made several signs with a utility knife, but the edge is never perfect. It's good enough for most things but not really great for the interior of a fancy pants company. I could get one made at a metal shop, but I'd have to paint it myself, then probably have to wet sand and buff it. Ugh. I just assumed this was something you all probably ran across often and had just the place for premade custom sizes.
  13. Is this a dumb question? Sorry, I don't do signs very often but it seems like every company only carries popular sizes, with 24x36 usually being the largest. Thanks. I don't think corrugated plastic would look nice enough. I thought of aluminum but I don't think I could cut it and have the edge come out looking perfect.
  14. I have a customer wanting 4 logos for their business interior and I can't find a blank to put it on. Painted white aluminum would be best but some type of white plastic would probably work as well. I think I could get by with 30x60 inch blank, but 30x72 would be better. Any idea where to find a blank that size or an affordable place to get a few custom made?
  15. jmas

    Color Match

    That's a hard color to match. I do a lot of pinstriping and that's a perfect match for a 3M pinstripe 085 Light Gold Metallic but 3M doesn't make vinyl rolls in that color anymore. I've looked at pretty much every vinyl manufacturer for vinyl to match that stripe and the best I've found is Avery Supercast 900 Metallic 217 Light Gold and Sharpline 044 Light Gold Metallic. The Avery looks perfect but if you put it on top of the Arizona Beige, it has a slightly different shine to it. It should be fine if you're putting it on the white part of the truck. I think Sharpline may be a better match but I've never used it, I just have it on my own color match list as a backup.