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    LaserPoint II Roller Problems

    YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!! (Not to mention a stress saver) The grip/pinch roller predicament was the on. My vinyl fed through just fine and the cuts came out extraordinarily clean. Thank you so much!
  2. brandenholder

    LaserPoint II Roller Problems

    By adjusting the knife setting, I guess I should have said instead that I can move the cutting blade using my computer's arrow keys to measure the length of the vinyl I'm using. (Words escape me at times, sorry for any confusion) To me, that indicates that my computer and the cutter are communicating just fine...that's the main reason I mentioned that part. I did not know that the pinch rollers were supposed to be directly above the grit rollers. Thank you very much for your other tips and recommendations. I will test them out tonight when I am back at the cutter to see what happens. I appreciate your help. Thanks again.
  3. Hey everyone, So I finally got my LaserPoint II cutter set up and my Mac recognizes the USB port just fine from SignCut Pro. I can adjust the knife settings from SCP using the arrow keys and the cutting preview looks spot on when I animate it from the preview window. Everything should be good on the USB port communication front. I thought everything was alright, so I started the cut this morning and once the machine started up, I noticed that the cutting blade was rotating as it should (in the shape of the design), but it was just cutting a jagged straight line across the edge of my vinyl (15" white Thermoflex Plus). When I looked at the cutter more closely, I saw that the grit rollers at the bottom of my machine were rotating, but the vinyl was not moving back and forth at all. So the cutting head is moving correctly based on the design I was cutting out, but since the vinyl was not being moved by the grit rollers, the cutting blade kept cutting the same row as it moved left to right (hence the jagged straight cut). I then tested the vinyl feed from the cut preview window in SCP (so I didn't waste anymore vinyl) and the grit rollers are moving while the vinyl just stays in one place. Does anybody know how to fix this? I think it's just a matter of the grit rollers needing to be adjusted so that they allow the vinyl to move back and forth easily, but since the operator's manual is less than helpful I figured I'd post a shout-out here for all of your expertise. (I also have a support ticket submitted, but I need to get this project done and support doesn't reply until Mondays). Thank you in advance.
  4. brandenholder

    What Color is Your LaserPoint II?

    No need to be hostile, I was just looking for some community input as well regarding the whole situation, especially since it was a weekend. Just so everyone knows I did take up this issue with US Cutter Support (at the same time as this forum post) and everything is being taken care of. I am shipping back the SC cutter and my LPII is on its way.
  5. brandenholder

    What Color is Your LaserPoint II?

    The cutter I received looks exactly like what's at this URL:
  6. brandenholder

    What Color is Your LaserPoint II?

    Your tagline beneath your reply says "SC 34-fast,accurate,efficient". Do you personally use an SC cutter and how well does it function if you do? I just hate to think that I paid more for something less, so I want to figure out what happened in their packing/shipping process to give me an entirely different model/series of cutter.
  7. brandenholder

    What Color is Your LaserPoint II?

    CarterMarkham, it might be better, but I'm not convinced on how well it will cooperate with my Mac. The LaserPoint II was said to work very well with the USB interface on a Mac using SignCut Pro. Reading the specs on the SC Cutter, I'm not so sure it'll have the same compatibility that I was looking for. I'm not sure what the deal is with it or why they'd ship out a better cutter unless it was by accident.
  8. I recently purchased a LaserPoint II from USCutter and received the box yesterday. Upon opening it this morning, I see that the cutter inside looks NOTHING like the LaserPoint II's advertised on the website. This cutter is a pale grey all around with a grey stand and just looks clunky overall, definitely not as advertised. Are all of your LaserPoint II's the red/black combination as shown in the product photos, or did I receive the wrong cutter? Thank you all in advance for your input. EDIT: Judging by the product number on the back, they sent me one of their SC series cutters, I think. Please let me know what your thoughts are.