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  1. PattyT

    And my best banner as of yet.

    Looks good! Another metro east member!! I am near Edwardsville. How about you?
  2. PattyT

    Banner Opinions Needed

    WOW!!! I am so excited!!!! I actually have a thread that has more than a few responses. You guys rock!!!! I appreciate the bluntness ( are da bomb!). Bayshore...thanks so much! All the rest, thanks! I think that my client is just one of many sponsors for this tournament. I don't know for sure, though. I guess I will have to ask him. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!
  3. PattyT

    Merry Christmas Fonts

    Thanks for the help, gang!
  4. PattyT

    Merry Christmas Fonts

    Anyone have any suggestions for some cool fonts to make a 'Merry Christmas from the ...' sign? I want to do it on a 4x4 coroplast and plant it in front of our Jaycee Hall. THanks in advance! PattyT
  5. PattyT

    metal parking signs

    Gotta second Grimco! They have a boatload of signs! They are pretty reasonable, too. Plus, their shipping is pretty fast. PattyT
  6. PattyT

    THis is what makes it all worthwhile.

    Makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it? Nice!
  7. PattyT

    First banner

    Looks great!!!!
  8. PattyT

    Coraform Board

    Anyone use it? We were at a local sign supply sotre an dthey had some awesome looking stuff made out of it. I was wondering if we could use stencil mask or sandblast mask and hit it with either the pressure washer or a sand blaster. ANy input? Thanks! Patty
  9. PattyT

    Da bears

    You should try to be a Rams fan right now. It is tough. I have given up until next season. PattyT
  10. PattyT

    Prayers needed

    Gosh. I'll be thinking about them. Keep us updated. PattyT
  11. PattyT

    Mutoh RJ 4000 Printer

    I have the opportunity to purchase a used Mutoh RJ 4000 printer cheap. Does anyone know anything about this model of printer? I have googled til my fingers fell off (that is illegal in some states ) and have not been able to find much information at all. Anything anyone can provide would be appreciated! PattyT
  12. PattyT

    Never again

    ZOWIE! That is nice!
  13. PattyT

    My newest banner!

  14. PattyT

    Coroplast for Tree Service

    Nice!! ;D