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  1. tory

    Joe Camaro

    Joe does a great job with vectoring and fast too. Welcome to this side of the pond Joe!
  2. tory

    New wall art

    I love that font too, great job! Congrats on your baby Jeremy!
  3. Just head this morning to also register your business on and have your customers give you a review on there. It's like the yellow pages online. Facebook fan pages was also mentioned too for more business exposure. Thanks for the Info usa thats a new one for me
  4. tory


    I had never heard it called that, apparently it is interchangeable? I'm glad you were able to locate one for your project.
  5. Thanks John for all you do, you are the glue of this forum.
  6. tory

    Is this even reasonable?

    It would work best printed because of all the color variations. You wouldn't want to vectorize as is, but you could always simplify the objects to an outline with some accents.
  7. tory


    Nona do you mean a brush hog? A machine that cuts brush/tall grass usually attached to a tractor. Sorry, I do not have an image or file either
  8. tory

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome from the southern thumb area
  9. tory

    Our 1st window job

    Looks very nice, the things we do to make ppl happy
  10. tory

    sleeveless T's

    You can also order direct from Augusta too, although Bomark is a great co to do business with. Holloway can be finicky about setting up an acct and watch them on their shipping charges
  11. tory

    Custom Transfers

    Transfer Express is one of my favorites, very good at what they do and stand behind their product. I've used them for years. Versatranz is another good one that I use, nice people to work with and a bit cheaper than TE.
  12. tory

    sleeveless T's

    Also, a vendor that carries Gildan can order them direct for you too, such as One Stop. Or contact Gildan and they will tell you who carries it now that you know they do.
  13. tory


    How'd it go? Some tips on what worked or didn't?
  14. tory


    Good Luck, hopefully you sell out of everything!
  15. tory

    Bidding on Ebay

    Well thanks for all the great suggestions. I finally found it on Craigslist and the best part is it was cheaper than Ebay by $20. I was slightly nervous about making arrangements to pick up from a stranger but it was fine. Even better really because she will have them the first day of class and not have to wait for shipping delays.