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  1. greenmachine

    ISS Show in Atlantic City

    I see US Cutter will be at the show this week March 15-17. Is anybody going?
  2. I have a CR630 24 inch cutter I got from Cutterpros. I used it a few times then bought a graphtec cutter. Anyway it just sits there unsed. What is a good value to sell it for as I do not need it? Never a problem with the graphtec.
  3. greenmachine

    Can someone download this?

    There are many different cards on the page. Don't know which you want.
  4. greenmachine

    Can someone download this?

    Is this the page that you are talking about?
  5. greenmachine

    Is this it?

  6. greenmachine

    Prayers for mr 300's

    Condolences to the Family. Bill will be greatly missed on the forums.
  7. greenmachine

    Graphtec Ce5000-60 Freezes

    Try changing the USB cable.
  8. greenmachine

    Fusion....last call

    I have one and love it
  9. greenmachine

    Hottonix Fusion question

    Here is a video showing the cap platen for the fussion.
  10. greenmachine


    Yep. It is there. I saw it myself. greenie
  11. greenmachine

    Photoshop Corel problem

    Why does a Photoshop file saved with no background import into coreldraw with a box around it so that I cannot apply a contour cut line to it. any ideas or help. greenie
  12. greenmachine

    My Christmas gift made me feel pretty safe !!!

    the manufacturing plant is 4.5 miles from my home.
  13. greenmachine

    1000 Members Strong!!

    I am #2909 no brag just fact. Who remembers that quote?
  14. greenmachine

    that moment when your baby has a baby

    Congrats "Granpa"
  15. greenmachine

    buying vinyl online in nj

    in NJ, Beacon Graphics, Fellars