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    Trouble importing a DXF file

    Hi there, Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I've tried import and open, with no luck. I can open an AI file just fine, which is strange. The DXF file is just blank, but I know the file is good, I can open it with other programs.
  2. ecoli

    Trouble importing a DXF file

    Hi All, I searched the forum, but couldn't find anything about this. I'm trying to open a DXF file in Signcut pro. It doesn't give me an error, but when I look, there is nothing there. The job size is 0, and the preview is empty. I know the DXF file is good, I can plot it on a Signwarehouse plotter just fine. Can anybody help me out? I'm really stumped. DXF is a supported file type extension. Thanks! Eric