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  1. Is there any administrator out there that can help me out. I have the MH1351 and as it was cutting the motor stopped. It powers on but the part where the blade is place no longer moves. I don't know what to do. I've only had the machine for just a little over a month. So is there anything I can do at this point. Its a bummer and I can't finish my job >
  2. trophiesnmore

    Cuts are not straight

    thanks billy... Can anyone help me figure out how to setup my flexi to my mh1351. when i bought this machine it says its compatiable with flexi... I have the flexi desay starter software. Having trouble trying to set up the software with the machine. When I go ahead and try to add the drivers the machine is not compatiable with the software. >
  3. Hello. I recently got the 50" cutter. The problem that I'm having is that the consistency of the cut is not straight. Can anyone help me with this.