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  1. sdgirl

    Font Help

  2. sdgirl

    Font Help

    Does anyone know what these fonts are on the back of the shirt? Thanks, Christi
  3. Thanks. I thought i had done it before, but it had been awhile.
  4. I have a customer that wants me to add something on a screen printed shirt. I only do vinyl. Can I heat press the already done screen print? Thanks, Christi
  5. sdgirl

    Help with 3g opaque htv

    Great thank you. I haven't done it in a couple of years and couldn't remember.
  6. Hi Everyone, Thanks in advance for your help. I know that I have seen this on here before, but I can not find it. I am trying to do a transfer and vinyl on the same shirt. I know I need to put the transfer on first since it is a hotter temp. My question is do I press it for the full time and then put my vinyl on? would it ruin the transfer? Thanks, Christi
  7. sdgirl

    water repellent?

    Thanks for replying, I talked to HTW to see about the vinyl sticking. They suggested that you should use rubbing alcohol on a cloth and rub it on the area that is going to have it on and it should be okay. I am not sure if that would take away the sealant? Maybe I should tell them to get me different ones.
  8. Hi everyone, I have searched this topic and also have been trying to go through all the threds to see if it has been posted before. I have some carhartt water repellent hoodies. They are cotton and poly blend but they fill a bit hard on the outside. Can use HTV on these? Will the heat hurt them? Thanks! Christi
  9. sdgirl

    Adhesive removal

    I just had this same thing happen. What did you do a second time? wash it or reapply the solvent? Thanks
  10. sdgirl

    vinyl help

    I have this vinyl that I received a free sample. It is for printing on and then applying to banners etc. It isn't sihl. It is more textured and once it is on something you can just move it and it will still stick! Does anyone know what this vinyl is called and where to order it? I lost the piece that had all that information on it. Thanks, Christi
  11. sdgirl

    wings help please

    It is a mess. Been trying to fix on it but not to much luck.
  12. sdgirl

    wings help please

    I don't know if it is me or what. I got these wings off of here and I can not get it to cut right. Whenever I cut it and try to weed it half the wing comes with it. Thanks, Christi wings 3.eps
  13. sdgirl

    Please help

    Awesome thanks mfatty500 and sue2
  14. sdgirl

    Please help

    I have an electric company that wants window decals. Of course he wants it like his business cards. I have the writing down but it is his logo that I am just not getting. I cropped it and changed it to B&W. I vectored it in inkscape and did some node edits there before moving it to signblazer. Here is what I have so far. Any advice on how to do better node editing would be appreciated, or if someone already has it that would be awesome. Thanks, Christi electrition.SBD