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  1. ccourtenay

    Joke I played on a guy I work with...

    That is funny..but did you mean to misspell gigolo?
  2. ccourtenay

    Free vector graphics link

    I read more than post..but I found a great clipart site that you can download in svg or png it is... Sorry for not having it clickable since I'm new here and never posted before. Cindy
  3. ccourtenay

    Doing graphic with name

    Hi there, I have read all the posts here, however, didn't see an answer for my question. I have flexi expert, which is like pro, except you can't print to vinyl, and have 2 questions. 1. how do you get a graphic and name get printed at same time? Say like a flower with a person's name underneath. 2. Some of my bit maps, when I trace, they trace raggedy (not smooth lines) how do I make the lines smooth? Thanks for any help I can get. Cindy