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  1. Blues

    Font Help

    Thanks Wildgoose I'll look into that one.
  2. Blues

    Font Help

    Anyone happen to know this one?
  3. Blues

    Devils horns

    Thanks grabbed a copy.
  4. Blues

    Anyone know this one

    Thanks I look into Marketing Script.
  5. Blues

    Anyone know this one

    Thought it was Freehand 521 but the vi is different.
  6. What would you usually charge for something like this two colors red with silver grey metallic outline RTA 651 24" X 48"? Two of them.
  7. Blues

    18 Wheeler

    Thanks for the share.
  8. Blues

    need decorative cross

    Thanks for the share.
  9. Blues

    Looking for Cardinal on evergreen branch

    Grabbed both of them. Thanks
  10. What are you guys & gals charging for large numbers for like race cars or the side of enclosed car trailers 24 inches tall X 30 inches wide two colors?
  11. Blues

    Stargazer lily

    Have a friend that's opening a flower shop and I'm trying to help her out with the sign but she's wanting the full color image attached of the stargazer lily in full color to print but not having much luck with this image. Would anyone happen to have any vectors in colors of anything like this. The sign going to be 3 foot tall by 10 foot wide and when I try to enlarge this image it looks like crap. Thanks, Blues
  12. Blues


    Thanks for the share.
  13. Blues


    Grabbed a copy. Thanks for the share.
  14. Blues

    dinosaur eating stick family?

    I know the chainsaw one is already posted try to search for it. I cant right now on the mobile but I posted it myself so you maybe able to find it by searching my user name. Blues