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  1. CochiseGraphics


    Easily converted to EPS Ken
  2. CochiseGraphics

    cowboy and cowgirl kneeling at cross

    Thank you all for posting. Ken
  3. CochiseGraphics

    Angry bulls

    Easy vector conversion. ken
  4. CochiseGraphics


  5. CochiseGraphics

    gocart template

    Run this into your vector program. I'll look for more. ken
  6. CochiseGraphics

    EPSON wide Format 1100

    I bought two of them. My early Christmas present to me. One for heat press one for dye sub. Both with refillable carts. The heat transfer has printed well over 300 sheets of JPSS with no issues. The dye sub has printed over 200 sheets using ArTainium ink and a profile from the C120 printer in Adobe Cs3. This printer, the Workforce 30 & 40 and the C120 all take the same carts so buying refillable or CSS systems is a common thread for all. Ken
  7. CochiseGraphics

    can someone help me with these please?

    I opened the file with Adobe CS3, saved it as a .psd. So I have a .eps, .jpg and a .psd file of the image. Opening SignBlazer, I could read it with the .jpg and .psd but not .eps. I did not try any cutting or any other steps to finalize the image. Ken
  8. CochiseGraphics

    can someone help me with these please?

    Looks good. I got them. Thanks Sabrina. Ken
  9. CochiseGraphics

    a couple of quickies

    NICE JOB ON BOTH!! I need to find that font, just because. Ken
  10. Purchase the poly type and have them sublimated. The more colorful the better they look. IMHO. Ken
  11. CochiseGraphics

    AUTISM T-SHIRT S price please

    Cost plus 15% for any charity, IMHO. Ken
  12. CochiseGraphics

    I need a sun and a child like fairy or princess theme

    Thanks Joe. You are Top Shelf!!
  13. CochiseGraphics

    Graduation graphics needed

    Thanks Joe, I snagged them as well. Ken
  14. I'll add my name to the list. Ken
  15. CochiseGraphics

    Anyone seen Ken?

    I"ll add a string of thumbs up for you as well Ken. :) Best of luck in your new efforts. Ken