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  1. I think this solved most of my issue. Thanks a lot! Now I need to replace the strip since there are scrapes in it.
  2. I was wondering if the spacing between decals can be reduced.There is at least a 3/4 space between the cuts and its wasting my vinyl a lot. Anyone know how to change this? Thanks!
  3. I've been having this really annoying issue where the right half of the roll cuts fine but the left cuts thin. The thin parts don't weed at all. It looks like the the thin spots occur where the large gap is between the rollers on the left side of the cutter. I tried increasing the force and changing the blade but no luck. Any ideas?
  4. ericlecarde

    Razor cut Windows 10 upgrade license issue

    Thanks! Ill see what they can do. I imaging this will happen to many others. Strange to me that they didn't send out a communication about this though.
  5. Since there is no category for Razercut I was hoping someone can help me here. I upgraded to Windows 10 and now my Razorcut license says Im using it on a different PC, WTF? How do I get around this?
  6. Good to know. I just ordered some Liberty clock oil from amazon. Ill see how it works.
  7. Funny you said that. After changing to a new blade still had chatter. After adding oil, zero chatter. Lol, so simple. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for posting this. The blade holder on mine is metal, I don't see any plastic parts. See below, the silver blade holder is metal. Is this how yours looks?
  9. ericlecarde


    Thanks I'm not sure if this will save me any more time but its nice to have the driver.
  10. ericlecarde


    I wish there was a native Illustrator plugin for Razorcut so that .ai files didn't need to be opened that way. When more people start using this program I'm sure that will come.
  11. ericlecarde


    I guess I'm spoiled from Signcut. In that program I just click "Open", select the vector, adjust the vector, then cut. 4 steps. In this I need to click "Open" to start a new document, click "File", click "Import", click "File", select the vector, adjust the vector, then cut. 7 steps. I'm just curious, do you have a way to do this in less steps in Razorcut? I would love to do that directly from Illustrator and will also keep looking for that.
  12. ericlecarde


    Ok, yea. I see what you mean. Thanks again. I know it seems petty but I hope I can find a way to not do that every time I need to cut something out. That adds another couple steps. doing hundreds of cuts, that adds up. Ill let you know If I find a way to open .ai's any other way. TTYS.
  13. ericlecarde


    When I click the arrow next to Advanced nothing happens. Also, when I click on File > Import then File. It does nothing as well.
  14. ericlecarde


    Thanks for responding.I might be doing something wrong then. Here is what I see when I click import.