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    Cavete vendit - eBay

    I ship with just a stamp on eBay for the majority of decals I ship. Sometimes for larger orders I opt for a 6x9 or 8x11 envelope and get tracking. I also get tracking for apartment addresses from time to time. Amazon on the other hand - I would buy shipping for $2.00 with tracking for anyone who ordered more than 1 decal. I do not do that anymore because if the buyer opens an A-Z claim, you will automatically lose WITH tracking. So I no longer buy tracking on Amazon and just use a stamp and save $1.50 each time.
  2. I don't have much experience with larger decals yet. My biggest has only been 15" wide. Can't go wrong with some well detailed instructions and what to do if it's not coming off the backing. I include instructions with every order to be on the safe side.
  3. I always check my decals before shipping. I will peel both ends just to see if all the letters or design come up cleanly then pack them to be shipped. It's just gotten into a habit and helps those impatient buyers that want to rip it right off. Only takes a couple seconds per decal. Out of thousands of decals shipped, I believe I had 2 buyers that had part of the vinyl that wasn't coming off the backing. I live in a typical summer location with high humidity for most of the time and cold winters.
  4. I sell some small ones (made to order) on eBay but I rely on my custom decals for the real sales. I wouldn't say they are random. All my decals have sales and if they don't, I won't sell them. Way too much competition there. Like OWJones said, you need something unique that stands out. Anyone can copy an animal decal. You will see some sellers selling at $.99 and free shipping. - .46 for stamp (soon to be .49) - .30 for PayPal fee - .03 for transaction fee - .10 for FVF = 0.89 Enjoy your dime profit and that's WITHOUT vinyl, supplies, envelope, machine usage and labor.
  5. That's pretty sweet, I have a black car. Do they sell samples of this?
  6. I used R-tape as my first application tape. My second roll was defective so I stopped believing in it. I have since used GreenStar medium and it works well for me using 651. I also use a couple other brands but this one I use the most of. You can check it out here. They also sell samples. Online reviews are the best thing ever.
  7. fuz

    Looking to upgrade my cutter

    Thanks for the tips. I will be on the lookout for a reasonably priced Roland or Graphtec. I am sure the software will be different but it's nothing I probably couldn't handle. As some of you said, it may come down to buying a cheaper model on USCutter as a back up while I still search for a better cutter. I hope it doesn't come down to that but still a possibility. I am just worried about my current one crapping the bed again. Had to wait 3 weeks for the motherboard to be replaced and that's precious time I can't lose again. I have my eye on an event this summer. Some dealership owner throws a huge car show and it attracts thousands of people. Food, bands, antiques, burn outs, carnival etc. They also set up free vendor tents. I am hoping to get down there this year and make some business. One of my goals for 2014. Meanwhile, I will keep at it on this forum to learn new things.
  8. fuz

    Looking to upgrade my cutter

    Is there anything in particular I should look for in a used machine? I am a little weary of that unless I can find a trusted seller. I know that there would be no warranty included.
  9. Hi guys I started doing vinyl decals as an initial investment in late 2012. It wasn't until last spring and especially December when things really started to go good. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first got my machine and accessories. I have learned alot in the past year. Because of my lack of knowledge, I bought a low model R-series by Signwarehouse. Albeit a cheap machine, it has made me some good money but also caused me some headaches. The motherboard crapped the bed 1 week before my warranty ended. Luckily, got it fixed for free. I've easily cut 1000+ decals with it ranging from 4" - 12" wide. Lately I am not impressed with the performance and how it handles small letters. It doesn't seem to be cutting letters all the way and small ones look rough. I don't believe it to be the blade. I'm in the market for a $400-$500 machine from USCutter that is atleast 24" wide. While I would like a Roland or Graphtec, it will have to come at a later time. The biggest thing for me is for the machine to cut small letters pretty precisely. Thanks
  10. They tell me that too. I now either cut it off or put tape/plain white label over it. For those who live in New England and have a Job Lot near by, they sell a 25 pack of 6x9 envelopes with peal and seal. Pretty decent quality and only $2. To put it in perspective, Dollar Tree sells a 6 pack peal and seal for $1.
  11. UPC's are easy...just buy a few online. I got mine for pennies. You can list under the arts and crafts category.
  12. Yes. Unfortunately, I cannot change the shipping price or make it free shipping unless I buy an upgraded subscription. The fees are high but I'm making enough per transaction so it's still worth it. 100+ orders and no complaints of the shipping charge yet.
  13. fuz

    So How Old Are You Really?

    25...started vinyl cutting at 24.
  14. fuz

    custom wine glasses

    Oracal 651 or 631 or something different? I tried last night to put some vinyl on a wine glass but it still creased. Been watching youtube videos to perfect it.