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  1. mortalimmortal

    Heres some shirts I've done

    I never posted my vectors on the hunters lair, but here are a few more. Here are the bio helmets
  2. mortalimmortal

    Heres some shirts I've done

    If you need any other just PM me
  3. mortalimmortal

    Heres some shirts I've done

    Here is the vector art asked for. pred.eps pred.eps
  4. mortalimmortal

    Could help clean this up...

    Here is a quick version the file was kinda small. bc3.eps bc3.eps
  5. mortalimmortal

    Firebird Scout Patrol Patch

    Heres a quick version. Untitled-2.eps Untitled-2.eps
  6. mortalimmortal

    help make this cuttable PLEASE...

    Here is a quick version qc.eps qc.eps
  7. mortalimmortal

    Please help-need vectorizing

    Heres a quick version. bats.eps bats.eps
  8. mortalimmortal

    can anyone help

    Heres something you can mod. Drawn in illustrator stourlogo.eps stourlogo.eps
  9. mortalimmortal

    How do I crop in Adobe Illustrator?

    I use masks in illustrator to remove what I don't need.
  10. mortalimmortal

    Is it possible to vector this?

    Sure it is; you would have to redraw it all.
  11. mortalimmortal

    graphics tablet

    I use a graphic table and it is great for coloring. Illustrator is a little harder to control, but after some time it like using a pencil instead of a mouse. The price is right on that one to try it out.
  12. yup yup kuzco.eps kuzco.eps
  13. yup yup pirates.eps pirates.eps
  14. mortalimmortal

    Encad NovaCut 24": Anyone know about this cutter?

    I had one, its a great cutter very quiet. After the plotter is adjusted it can cut hair line details at high speeds. The controls are easy to use. It should have all three hook ups lpt, 9pin, and usb. It cost 1,400.00 when I bought it back in 2005. The guy that bought the shop and took over my area is still using it today with no problems.
  15. mortalimmortal

    looking for a graphic

    Disk 1 folder 150 file 07 Here it is 15007.eps 15007.eps