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    Softball Stuff

    I am needing some softball clip art.. any and all appreciated! THANKS!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm sure there are lots of new faces here that don't know me. I'm Cody and I own SynFX Creative Services of East Texas. I have been running my own business now for about 3 years and have been fortunate enough to make it this long. Many of you have followed me and seen my work back when I had more time to post it up. So........ These days I keep it all on Facebook.. Look me up Cody SynFX Wilcox. or Update: I just opened a retail location in the busiest part of Tyler on the main drag where everything is going on, about a week ago. I partnered up with a lady who has embroidery machines (7). I took over half of the space she had. I am paying $400 a month for half the shop that costs $2,000 monthly. Tell me how I managed that... There are lots of pictures on my Facebook of the new shop AND my son Weston who is now 20 months old! Also forgot to mention, I also have a warehouse that I do my vehicle installations in.. wo0t! The vehicle promotion is WORKING VERY WELL.. I have 22 cars on the road with 7ft SynFX on the sides or larger. I have 8 on the waiting list to be installed and they PAY ME $120 to put it on their cars.. Tell me how I managed that..... haha.. God has been blessing me and my help. I have since hired a degree'd designer fresh out of college and a couple people to run the shop. What I'm working on now is a network that will encompass both businesses and consumers called the SynFX VIP-ONE Network. Giving everyone a plastic card for free (for now) that will be a 5 year membership (never to exceed $10) that they can take to any participating business. The business will offer the same discounts as those coupon books you buy. Consumers will have to get online to check for discounts and participating locations. They can also sign up new VIP ONE card holders at their store for $5 and get half the proceeds. They will have the option to either A) just participate in the network and gain access to leads in the area; who will shop there first or do that PLUS get amazing deals on my products when they also display the SynFX logo and short bullet'd list on their exterior windows. We guarantee to meet ANY competitors price and beat that price by either 5%, 10% or 15% (small sticker, bullet'd list & indoor banner). Giving them the edge in marketing their products. I now either produce or have ties with businesses that can make anything from business cards to billboards and everything in between. My partner and I are currently developing a computerized ad system/terminal that can be placed in any of the businesses that will have the VIP ONE Network ads, SynFX ads, their own generic ad (template for any business) and any other businesses that advertise on the network. We will make it ridiculously cheap to advertise monthly on these systems within each business. Ex. Pay between $20 and $40 a month to display an ad that we create; generic, custom or your own in up to 10 locations of your choice. DIRECT MARKETING. So... what I am doing.. Simplifying Advertising Through Direct Marketing Strategies! Should I write a book? lol... you tell me.. I will do my best to get back on here and share more from time to time. Feel free to contact me via Facebook or email me directly for tips, ideas or just to say hi! I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT DAY, WEEK, MONTH AND YEAR! BE BLESSED! Cody Wilcox SynFX Creative Services
  3. Redesigned my website again..
  4. I really only ever use 651... I dont use the other stuff cause it is not very thick. I have had issues with 751 related to durability. I like the 3mm vinyls best.
  5. I need to know if there is a way that I can design a graphic in Corel or other program and have it digitized/converted to DXF for the embroidery machine. Tired of using a company to digitize the stuff... need that money. HELP! Please email me
  6. its tons of work... I am putting in around 16 average hours a day.. sigh.. running myself into the ground but there is much to be done.. wish me luck.
  7. lol thanks for the offer
  8. Thanks.... the lady that does the embroidery pays the same rate through or something like that. If you can beat that let me know and I will put you in contact with her. 903 368 3115
  9. Well I royally screwed up.. I broke the USB port on my Copam.. SUCKS!!! Out of commission.. let's hope they have a board in stock cause I just ordered it overnight!!!! $102.. not bad.. but still. You guys look me up on -- Cody SynFX Wilcox.. See what I have been up to.. I would like to hear from a lot of you guys! It has been so long!!!
  10. Since my usb got damaged, I ordered a new board. When I opened this package the new board says BAD USB on it, I NEED a good USB. TECH PEOPLE, PLEASE CALL ME! Thanks
  11. I put the board in and it worked... I was very relieved right before I left to Houston.. Made my trip sooooo much easier to enjoy!! Thanks for the support!!! Sorry for the neg reaction to it.. jumped the gun.. <3
  12. I missed the call.. I dont answer Restricted calls.. oops. I will try and install the board to see if it will work for me. Here goes nothing...
  13. Thanks guys. I dont want to put it in if it is not working.. and I am supposed to have stuff done today. Not too happy....
  14. thanks everyone.. I used Avery a6 and a heat gun to put it up.. EZ File attached tree-wallart.eps tree-wallart.eps
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    Hi Everyone! Updates...

    Check my website for updates.. - Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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    Hi Everyone! Updates...

    I actually have 22 drivers who now have the 7' SYNFX on their cars.. each of them pay me $60 to put the graphics on the car.. working like a charm!! I am now working on an all new website layout... LOTS and LOTS of work ahead of me, seeing how I will have 40+ pages!!!! OUCH! Check it out.. - template only.. nothing works so dont bother clicking around.. ha Fortunately I have not received any letters about any of it yet.. I will be taking down all the stickers for purchase.. I have only had one purchase.. seems like a waste thusfar. Was worth a shot!! Thanks for all the comments everyone!!
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    New Website

    I design in Photoshop CS2 and code in EditPlus v2 ---- I remember why I always hate doing website... people are soooooooooo picky!! ahh.. Anyways.. will be good to get done since I need it to pay for my transmission! sigh.... Be sure to order through these guys, they are not new to the market.. been around 3 years and gets quality kits. Can ship... Thanks for all the comments! Keep em comin!
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    New Website

    New website I'm working on.. need input on the layout.. ----- I have missed you all! Been very busy working on a contract I got with the county. Check out my website... is a bit different now.. I will have to post pictures of some of the stuff I have done here soon! TTYL!
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    Let me have it..
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    PICTURES! finally..
  21. Check it out! No content on the site YET. The client loves it! Tell me what you think!
  22. SynFX IS ONLINE!

    this is of course exactly as the customer wants it so, no changing.. hehe.. thanks for the input though!
  23. SynFX IS ONLINE!

    Check out the progress being made on this site.. Starting to come together.