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  1. efghaus

    FBI raid local T-shirt Business.

    And I was wondering where the heat press will end up.
  2. efghaus


  3. efghaus

    HI :)

    Hi from Florida
  4. efghaus

    Good looking fonts for windows?

    or fontsquirrel.com
  5. efghaus

    Application tape/paper suggestions needed

    Thank you BAM & pshawny. I prder a roll of HT-55 and but went with the smaller, more economical roll of AT-65.
  6. efghaus

    First Tiles

    I think it came out great!I love the image! Annd I like the white edges too. My first's don't ever look that good.
  7. efghaus

    need decorative cross

    thank you to all who shared
  8. efghaus

    Howdy from a new Texas Vinlyist.

    welcome fellow Jeepster!
  9. efghaus

    BEST beer commercial ever

    Ditto. Gotta a lot of active and retired military in the family. my brother retired after 27 years and is a home brewer now...i think he'll like this
  10. efghaus

    Setting Up My Small Shop

    jealous of your square footage. I'm in a 10 x 11 bedroom that does double duty. Its the major reason I don't get a heat press. You have so much more room for equipment than I do. But seriously, Dukem we have the same stapler.
  11. efghaus

    AT65....Is this normal?

    thanks Jarrotto... Good suggestion! Thanks.I will keep this roll in a very safe place to avoid further damage. I was so excited it was arriving today, I could't fall asleep last night! LOL I had been able to get through to customer support before reading your response. The rep said he had never seen anything like this so I sent him the pic. I received a partial credit. But this is the second order in a row that I have received something that would never have passed QA/QC if it were checked prior to being shipping. (OK, I think may be need i a nap).
  12. efghaus

    AT65....Is this normal?

    so I finally broke down and ordered my first roll of AT65 along with a few other things. I love it when Fed Ex comes to me first. hee-hee. The tape is not centered on the core. On one end, the core protrudes about 1/4 ". On the other end there's about 1/4" of exposed tape. only major issue I see is that on the exposed side, the tape is already starting to curl in.
  13. efghaus

    No reason but...

    wowzer.....a jewel in the rough. and a location ACROSS the street from the Post Office. super sweet!!
  14. efghaus

    Start of Trailer

    FD racing team? Looks cool.
  15. efghaus


    thats so sweet.......congrats to you and your bride.