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  1. Dakotagrafx

    if you like pinstriping and gold leaf . . . ..

    love it - there aren't enough new people doing the old school skilled work
  2. Dakotagrafx

    if you like pinstriping and gold leaf . . . ..

    I watch every week, love the striping and I have used my plotter to do a mask to sandblast the back of mirrors and then paint part and gold leaf part. Last week nub said he liked the one I did for my daughters wedding
  3. .ai is the illustrator file - .eps is used by most vector programs - you can print the raster file but as you know you need a vector contour line around it to cut. - I do not know much about using an aqueous printer and contour cutting but should be the same as using a solvent or latex without the final product being durable - I am sure you have a special use and not just making decals for outdoor use like most of us on here that have/had printers do. again I always used the RIP for my solvent printers (originally used flexi pro before transitioning to the much easier to use versaworks (that will not work with your canon) - - - Personally I drove 4 hrs away and took the time to learn from someone with a solvent printer before purchasing mine and then attended several trade shows
  4. if using a wide format printer you should be using a RIP software - rolands come with versaworks, Mimaki uses rasterlink. I believe most places that sell Mutoh provide or sell Wasatch - - if you are using solvent, latex or thermo transfer printer for decals it should have came with a RIP software
  5. wish I could help but not a mac user - had 3 print and cut machines and always used my RIP program to print and cut from - never tried it in Graphtec software as it does not have a RIP feature
  6. it appears to say C10 Crew but clipped on the right and left edges - wasn't able to identify the font even after I extended the letters with the knowledge now that this could be copyrighted I removed the vector images from this thread. the poster said he/she created it in flexi but we have no idea or who owns c10crew.com - - - wasn't sure what it said until about 10 minutes ago as I extended the letters it clicked in my head . . .
  7. Dakotagrafx

    if you like pinstriping and gold leaf . . . ..

    Seriously misjudged on people being interested in leaf and striping . . .
  8. joined 17 hrs ago and last visited 17 hrs ago - kinda like a drive by . . .
  9. hey that is the file as it opened -
  10. Dakotagrafx


  11. Dakotagrafx


    deactivate it from the new computer just enter the codes http://www.iifuture.org/vmr/vm_deactivate.php
  12. Dakotagrafx


    heck I never said useless - in many cases it is still above scalp have a good weekend slice
  13. Dakotagrafx

    Now is cutting message

    will have to leave that to one of our scalp experts - personally didn't like it so ditched it long ago - but there are people on here that use it regularly so maybe they can help
  14. Dakotagrafx


    it all started with a hyperlink to download signblazer for a font that is not part of signblazer - -- -