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  1. Dakotagrafx

    Reflective recommendation

    for me I have always used engineering grade but got lucky and most of it came from lost shipment auctions so my big rolls are 3m. I have some green that cannot be cut on a plotter I use for backgrounds and have a lot of it but shipping to your rock will be very expensive even in smaller amounts because of how thick the material is - - - That one is green - not sure what colors you are looking for. I would think any 3m or oracal engineering grade would be good - will be very very pricy but customer has to understand that is just the cost of the proper material when quoting the job.
  2. dpi refers to a raster image for printing - plotters use vector images that are not measured in dpi and only uses nodes and lines - can be scaled infinitely with no resolution loss unlike raster that uses pixels that are not recognized by these machines
  3. Dakotagrafx

    Cutting Glitter Vinyl on the MH871

    what skeeter said and going from a graphtec with a servo motor to the course stepper motor on a mh would be torture for me - make sure you slow it way down also
  4. Dakotagrafx

    Easy Cut Studio Ragged Cutting

    first thing I see is the offset must be way way off - look at those circles in the corners
  5. Dakotagrafx

    Vinyl for vehicle lettering?

    Calandared like 651 can shrink or expand at a different rate than the metal substrate where. Cast is not going to shrink because of the way it is manufactured and the reason cast is recommended on the vehicles. Reading the forums for each model will give you a good idea of what others have encountered. Skeeter, myself, goose and others that have read all the post for years see the trends and troubles and what we use to make our recommendations.
  6. Dakotagrafx

    Vinyl for vehicle lettering?

    sc is definitely worth the difference - read the parts of the forum on each one and we see way less problems on the sc plotter along with the plotter is the most important part of the operation other than the proper vinyl
  7. Dakotagrafx

    Log of vinyl ?

    I believe when I have heard them referred to logs it was the full 60" wide - used to have app tape cut from what I think they referred to as logs to widths I specified
  8. Dakotagrafx

    Vinyl for vehicle lettering?

    personally would go up to at least the sc series plotter and use 751
  9. Dakotagrafx

    Part for mh 871-mk2

    my guess is the top of a carriage assembly - you won't find just that part and will need to locate a carriage - which uscutter doesn't have
  10. Dakotagrafx

    Prismcut P28 beginner issues.

    You wouldn’t happen to be using a suture too version of adobe products would you?
  11. Dakotagrafx

    Prismcut P28 beginner issues.

    good news and a very solid replacement.
  12. Dakotagrafx

    How would i do this?

    why not just import your room picture in vinylmaster and put your artwork over it to see what it looks like - less steps and same result
  13. Dakotagrafx

    Prismcut P28 beginner issues.

    heck I am surprised it has been out long enough to have reconditioned units
  14. Dakotagrafx

    clear or paper application tape

    clear will not conform to compound curves and cannot be used when applying wet - usually for walls you use 631 and need a high tack tape - walls can be problematic if textured or painted with an easy clean surface - many times with those surfaces your graphic will be on the floor the next day.
  15. Dakotagrafx

    Prismcut P28 beginner issues.

    definitely going to require a call to support - the prismcut is so new none of us have any experience with it or troubleshooting it.