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  1. Cutting Issues

    what plotter is it - do you have a spare blade holder around to eliminate that from the equation?
  2. Cutting Issues

    that was the first thought that mb20music came up with - 2nd is have you tried a new blade (broken tip)
  3. your computer isn't hibernating mid cut is it?
  4. cutting with a value cutter from corel has never worked well for me and artcut was worse than junk when I tried it 10+ years ago -
  5. How is pressure controlled - mechanically

    solenoids are electro magnets - more power to them more down force applied. I knew 2 years of tv repair classes would come in handy 40 years later - no tv's didn't have solenoids but it was part of the class on electonics and the 2 of us that took that part kind of showed off and did the modules for all 3 of the sections of the class and passed them all. think it was bianary, tv and communications - yeah I was always second to my best friend that it came natural to :/
  6. what darcshadow said - offset and overcut produce the same results every time and neither causes random lines
  7. than according to the instructions either the drivers need reinstalled, wrong drivers or possibly bad board if it still comes up unknown device. I would first look for the most current ftdi drivers
  8. With the device manager open and the cutter powered on, plug the cutter into your computer. Your computer will make the device connection sound and may search for device drivers. The cutter uses an FTDI chipset so the computer should install the FTDI chipset driver. If your computer does not react at all to the cutter being plugged in, there may be a block in the connection. Try a different USB port on your computer (try all of them if necessary) Try a different printer cable (any standard USB printer cable will work, borrow one from another printer if needed). It is also possible that the USB port on the cutter itself has failed. USB ports are the number one service item for vinyl cutters. It is possible the internal wiring from the USB port to the motherboard has failed. If your computer automatically installs an FTDI driver (some Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems will do this successfully) then proceed to use it. The FTDI driver will show up as a COM port under Ports (COM & LPT). In some instances, it may be necessary to use an older version of the FTDI driver. If your cutter has incomplete cutting then rolling back to a prior FTDI driver is a good first step to resolve the issue. If your computer doesn’t install a driver automatically then your cutter will show up as an Unknown Device or possibly some other device. You will see the new device show up in the device manager listing. If you can’t tell which one it is, unplug the cutter from the computer and wait for device manager to update, the device attached to the cutter will disappear. Plug it back into the computer and the device will reappear. Do this as many times as needed until you find the cutter device. If your cutter is an unknown device, you will need to install an FTDI driver.
  9. try the pnc-100 drivers mentioned above to see if that works did you actually see it cut before buying it?
  10. what software did it ship with when you bought it ?
  11. uscutter hasn't sold the p-cut for years and the current UK version is quite different from the old p-cut many of us started with so our info might be a bit dated. did the seller you bought it from have any info on setting up the plotter? current drivers? I am pretty sure the one 10 years ago worked with the roland pnc-1000 drivers but that may have changed over time
  12. Shop series or professional cutter?

    yes sb will export .eps - and you can use the ce3000 or ce5000 drivers from signblazer with the ce6000 but once you get used to the Studio pro being a little different it is far more powerful
  13. Shop series or professional cutter?

    graphtec hands down and with the free download of graphtec pro studio (flexi pro cloud) it is impossible to beat the deal - the software would run you as much as you pay for the plotter if you bought it separately. you know you are in it for a long run now after owning a cutter this long so get a graphtec ce6000-60 and be amazed
  14. Hi and thank you

    siser ezweed for me on most of my htv projects and if funds are not limited then hotronix all the way! mighty press is a close second
  15. plotter blade/carriage not moving up/down

    if it won't do a test cut from the menu on the cutter then it is internal like the solenoid in the carriage or mainboard. with a cutter of that age I would buy the new SC2 that is on sale right now and have a new plotter and the new vinylmaster (even though I love the ve-lxi master plus I don't think it will have a driver to work with the sc2) . with some cutters there is a z axis chip that can be replaced for what you are describing but identifying it on that cutter and the chance of it being replaceable are probably pretty slim