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  1. when you click specs on that one it says 15" - - - - IMHO it should specify the size in the title
  2. The price you mention makes me believe you are comparing the 6000-60 plus to the 6000-40 plus which is only 15" wide - uscutter just list the ce-6000-40 =plus without the size designation with I would think is a mistake - I am sure you want the 24" which is the 6000-60 The graphtec pro studio is rebranded flexisign pro about $2500 if you purchase the flexi version so it makes it a great deal to get it with the plotter free
  3. Dakotagrafx

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    Would love to have the CNc someday after the printer is gone
  4. Dakotagrafx

    Small details popping up and out on reflective

    personally I wouldn't even try a job that small with reflective - others may disagree - definitely not 6000 of them
  5. Dakotagrafx

    FONT help

    the letters look slightly different each time they are used like the e - so maybe someone just drug their finger on their phone making the handwriting. closest I came up with was Bingo Bangos (Regular) - but then you would have to do it and do a bad trace to come close to what is shown
  6. Dakotagrafx


    what software, did it list the right driver?
  7. Dakotagrafx

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!

    we never run
  8. Dakotagrafx

    Help needed! Applying transfer tape to large vinyl

    I can't open it
  9. Dakotagrafx

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!

    I really admire the old signmakers - today most "sign" people have no idea what a maul stick is. Found out a year ago that Mack Brush company is about 45 minutes away when taking a pet to a new vet - had to make a stop and pay respects! Salute!
  10. Dakotagrafx

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!

    Welcome from Michigan Alecia Zee
  11. Dakotagrafx

    Will sub Work?

    Last I checked those heat presses to do those shirts are around $35-40,000. USCutter was setting one up in the showroom 2 years ago - betting it didn't fly off the shelf with their target market
  12. Dakotagrafx

    Will sub Work?

    I know that mutoh and rolands have been set up with sublimation ink for wide format things like entire shirts (think bass tournament and race teams - but it isn't something you can switch back and forth on the inks without considerable expense every time you switch - the mimaki may have sublimation ink available but again you will be wasting huge amounts of ink to switch it over from one to the other by the time you flush it and run enough new ink to make sure it is ONLY the ink you want printing at that time
  13. Dakotagrafx

    Blade Drops jogging between cuts.

    how did you set your blade exposure?
  14. Dakotagrafx

    Carrige smacking side wall

  15. Dakotagrafx

    MH Contour mod

    Shipping back is going to be quite a bit, your call