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  1. Does this violate any copyright/trademark laws?

    absolutely a violation, he must have stayed in a holiday in express last night
  2. to sell printer or not to sell

    she still has 2 bedrooms and she picked that when she kicked it out of the family room
  3. that is the point of having a "automatic" registration mark sensor - no need to alight with a laser - just have to have the sensor in line with the marks so it can find them - on my roland print and cut the sensor is in line with the blade so it makes it easy and if I am off it will try again 1/2 inch to either side (up or down) from that point
  4. Platen cover?

    we all did - heck I started with a $250 sunie press before moving onto several hotronix and a knight - I used to find deals on hotronix swingers that would only go to the "Hello" screen and freeze there = after getting a bargain would fix them 2 years of vocational electronics training has paid dividends
  5. Platen cover?

    I used to use strong magnets to hold the teflon on the top platen - then got the hotronix with the teflon covers and love it. if you do sublimation make sure you get some butcher paper to change between presses as the ink outgasses and attaches to anything near by including teflon and then re sublimates on a later press
  6. to sell printer or not to sell

    best part of the alaska cruise/ land tour we did with princess was the 3 days prior when we rented a class c motorhome and toured ourselves. 10 to park about anywhere overnight, camper fully stocked except food and soap - and we stopped and hiked any time we wanted without a schedule. Ohhh and same price as a hotel for the rental
  7. to sell printer or not to sell

    wife is all set for me to cut back and get rid of all the shipping boxes and clutter from the business - I won't quit it all but part of it will need to cut back. I have taken over a bedroom for the printer, 1/2 the basement for the laminator, cutter, vinyl, boxes, etc. and have a floor standing rotary cutter in the family room along with other supplies like my roll holder for the 1000 ft roll of shipping tape - not to mention the sublimation supplies I still need to use up or sell. so not quite hoarders but it does add a lot of clutter
  8. to sell printer or not to sell

    Thanks everyone - the reason for selling by the time my wife retires is we plan on going on some extended trips - solvent printers do not do well when sitting unused for extended periods of times - we have done the 2 weeks or a little over and the printer turns itself on about 3-4 times a day and does its own cleaning but over 2 weeks I think is pushing it from the experience I had with my first printer - so when she retires it has to be gone. this years trip is 19 days and with prepping for trip and getting back in the groove pushes that well over 3 weeks sitting. Orders are good and I love the printer but when they sit you replace heads and that gets expensive along with my wife really wants me to cut back when she retires. I can keep the graphtec and do a lot of things down the road but won't have the worry about the printer sitting. when I do it - I will make a package of the printer, laminator, ink and lots of vinyl so it will pretty well be a final decision when that bridge is crossed. having owned 3 eco solvent rolands I can say I love them and as most know I am a maint hound. As I always said printers are sexy but there are two sides to every equation - many nights I have stayed up all night to get orders out quickly - at some point well all slow down some
  9. to sell printer or not to sell

    Have been fighting back and forth when to sell the Roland - my wife retires in 2 years and I planned on selling it in about a year in preparation of our more extended travels - but we have a 19 day vacation coming up in September - so the struggle continues to sell or not to sell before the vacation . . . . then to make it harder a bunch of printing orders came in. Sometimes the struggle of when to sell is as hard as it was on when to buy my first one . . .
  10. Polish for decals

    use a squeegee covered with fleece . . . or teflon sleeve
  11. Wet application with 1310G transfer rite?

    Clear also isn’t good for applying to anything with a compound curve as it won’t stretch at all for the curves in more than one direction. . . It displays pretty but in the application area it is misearable too much of the time. I prefer to have something apply easily than look pretty before install
  12. New on here

    Welcome from Michigan
  13. vectorize logo question

    Harley not only owns the logo but also aggressively goes after those using the shield as it is a recognized as being part of their logo
  14. Graphtec 3000-60 HELP PLEASE

    15 u is the red holder with the bigger blades for things like sandblast mask - the standard blue holder is cb09ub I can see from your first post the offset is way off - probably because the offset on the 15u has a much larger blade the the offset of the tip is way more than a standare 15u blade
  15. Roller marks on my vinyl?

    so many people have messed with the roller pressure and then have tracking issues or vinyl slipping - even the high end units leave marks