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  1. Dakotagrafx

    Sc2 vs titan

    I would lean toward the titan personally , I owned a titan2 for a while and was a solid machine
  2. add a slightly bigger yellow outline and then contour cut to the inside by a negative value
  3. Amber, if you join your post will show immediately with no need to wait for a moderator to approve them. There is no cost and no spam involved, it just lets us control the true spammers better.
  4. not knowing which plotter you have I would guess the majority of them would be to press the origin button on the plotter where you want it to start at
  5. Dakotagrafx

    Full Color T-shirt Transfers

    I have used howards sportswear for plastisol transfers in the past - always pleased
  6. Dakotagrafx

    Officially Licensed Products

    wondering if you ever got the license for those?
  7. Dakotagrafx

    Graphtec CE7000 Push Rollers

    no offers - but very glad I went that way = I hade 3 roland sp300- sp-300v and sp-300i and even with that never used a take up reel - on that I did a poor mans version using 2 clips to roll as I went - I didn't need to spend the money when I was monitoring the job anyways and like skeeter said with the fc I don't do anything that long to need one on the fc.
  8. Dakotagrafx

    Graphtec CE7000 Push Rollers

    if you can swing it I really recommend the fc - after having several ce machines I was skeptical too that it could be that much better but it really is - it is a beast - took 3 people to move the plotter and box to the basement and it is taller but built like a tank. extremely happy that I pushed myself for the upgrade and can see me keeping this one longer than my normal self imposed every 3 year upgrade
  9. Dakotagrafx

    Hello from NY!!

    welcome from Michigan
  10. huge rollers lol
  11. I would measure it but I jumped up to a fc with larger rollers
  12. Answered in your other identical thread , this 5hread will self destruct soon
  13. Dakotagrafx

    Open "e" cuts

    You might try a new blade holder . That definitely not up to a graphtec standard for cuts
  14. Dakotagrafx

    Graphtec CE7000 Push Rollers

    The ce6000-60 is now selling at a premium for used ones because of this. I returned the ce7000 and upgraded to the fc9000-75 and figure it might be the last plotter I ever need after having so many in the past.
  15. Dakotagrafx

    Open "e" cuts

    Something not right, what is the vinyl?