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  1. new cleancut brand blade - he actually has one made just for reflective material - with his normal blades I use about 40 percent less force than other blades
  2. 2 red flags to me immediately are you used a calandared vinyl on the body panes that should have had cast vinyl used - 2nd is with poor paintwork NO vinyl application would be warranted if proper material had been used. Alcohol takes off most wax and instead of soapy water I would use a product like rapidtac
  3. http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-tags-clothing-labels/
  4. I know you will love the titan2 after trying the sc - servos rule!
  5. Which driver worked?
  6. skeeter - can you help him set up the keyspan part??? TIA
  7. it's one of those trade offs to have the most "affordable" cutter - concessions are made- the titan is the first one that really has a good USB chip set like the big boys do, but with that said many people have cut a lot of material with a MH and lots more for longer period with the keyspan to help.
  8. Welcome from MIchigan
  9. @Primal Decals because the value cutters have a poor chipset in them to convert for the usb - - - the mainboard actually has in input for serial information and it has an internal chipset to convert for the usb on the side of the cutter - it is well known to cause several problems and the keyspan has shown over the past 9+ years to alleviate a lot of those problems @MZ SKEETER is our resident keyspan expert and has helped countless people get going
  10. and still waiting to hear that you are trying to cut a vector and not raster
  11. wanted to make sure you was not hitting print instead of cut in the menu - been a long time since I used scalp but that is pretty universal among the programs. @Primal Decals may be able to direct you on how to make sure that scalp is set to same port as the keyspan . . . also need to make sure you have a vector file you are trying to cut as the program will not be able to cut a raster image such as a picture - trying to go back to basics on troubleshooting here
  12. are you trying to cut or print - this is not a printer it is a plotter
  13. is this the cable that shipped from uscutter with the plotter or just one your friend supplied??
  14. identical threads merged by moderator - so the information is in one place and not just being repeated again
  15. here this is quicker Untitled2.eps