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  1. ok.. new to the whole App Tape and stuff.. well hell im new.. so i did some research and i got a few rolls of LB 6000 from signwarehouse so i just got a roll of RTAPE STD PREMASK 12 X 100YDS.. well.. i dunno if im doing something wrong.. but it doesn't seem to stick well to the backing of vinyl when i put it on there.. it curls up on the corners.. i dunno if this is gonna work.. i cant hand customers stickers and the ends are curling up.. doesn't looks professional..

    any ideas?

    what do you use?

    i need something better then this..

  2. I have many colors and have yet to have any issues with it.  I get it from and it is always at my door in 2 days.

    ditto on that.. i ordered and it was delivered in the same week.. (i think 2 days)

  3. BTW..ya get ur printer yet?

    not yet.. been sidetracked with baby coming next week.. :thumbsup: checkout my thread in off-topic.. but i think im going to get the one you suggested.. when the dust clears  :thumbsup:

  4. my wife is almost full term with her pregnancy and we went to her doctor yesterday and she has to go back next Monday.. the doctor was talking about possibly inducing my wife into labor next week.. her due date is aug28th but she has blood pressure problems during pregnancy and with stress at work.. her doctor thinks its the best idea.. so im going to be a new poppa next week.. this is our first.. so please keep us in your prayers.. i might be in and out for a few weeks after the baby.. i haven't even started to cut anything really on my LP24.. i did do some smaller things but i haven't even had time to do my own advertising.. been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything situated.. you never know how many baby clothes you get from family friends until you have to wash every one lol


  5. ok.. new to the vinyl weeding arena.. will give you my setup..

    24" laserpoint cutter

    15" LG 6000 vinyl

    small design with text to test

    i think after a little trial and error.. i have my cutting depth and pressure set 'ok'.. the first cut.. i did the sample 'test' rectangle and it weeded fine.. no problems.. however when i cut my test design with text.. it wasnt cut all the way around some of the text.. i could see the cut lines but it appeared to be not cut all the way thru the vinyl.. so back to setting the pressure..  i upped the pressure and did another cut and this one appears to cut better.. but when i started to weed.. the letters were pulling up a little and i just had to use my exacto and hold the letters down a lil bit as i pulled up the excess material..  now to my question.. are there any tips to weeding.. certain angles i should use to pull around text or should i try a lil more pressure on my laserpoint..

    Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated..


  6. Here I want to really open your eyes to the possibilities...

    Check out

    Your little plotter/cutter can produce art protective films for:


    Furniture Designers

    Cabinet Makers

    Restoration carpenters


    Faux Finishers

    Just to name a few, thinking outside the box...

    yes sir.. the possibilities are endless.. hmm.. i have so many ideas in my head already.. this is going to add to the mix.. the only thing that holds me back is finding time to try all my ideas :lol:

    thanks for posting the link.. am checking it out


  7. Welcome!

    LOL dang Dave..u got it covered!

    lol.. i told you i did my research.. i bookmark everything that is relevant.. and since i was helped here many times.. i offer my help as well :lol: and im learning everyday..

    Dave! Bunches of help my friend!

    I appreciate the time you took on that reply!

    Glad you're having some success in the first few days with your machine! Seems as if it's not going to be as difficult as I thought.

    Thanks again!


    Zach.. you are welcome.. its not that hard.. if you are already familiar with graphic design.. its similar for print work on a printer.. if you are confident with that aspect.. then the cutter/plotter will be easy street.. just setting it up and take your time.. is all you need to do.. and of course if you run into problems.. hit the forum.. we are here and someone has probably had issues that you might run into and answers are here..


  8. i had a similiar experience.. i imported a design and then added text.. and sent to cutter and on the cutter screen my image was gone.. only the text.. so i cut it anyways.. and all i got was text.. so i thought about it for a second.. went thru some of the settings.. and tried the 'weld together' option.. sent to cutter.. on that screen it finally showed my image too.. cut it.. came out perfect.. try the weld together option and see if it will work for you

  9. I considered putting blue behind the number myself but customer requested single color. I think that was a good choice because they wanted people to still be able to see whats behind the info on the door so we elected to keep it single color.

    customer always is right :lol:  looks good either way.. thanks for posting

  10. Yeah it's an added pita, lol gets on my nerves, thats for sure.

    yah. i just put a long strip of masking tape over that gap.. works fine now :lol: got a few more designs im working on for my unborn son.. i will cut them on monday and post some pics..