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  1. looks great.. i too like that you keep the design of your website incorporated in all your advertising.. it will keep your customers knowing who it is at the sign of that design.. even your business cards (the one your wife designed) keep to the same design.. i guess when you run out of your original business card.. you will have to go with her design  :o

  2. Ya know...i have to say i like it a lot.  The artwork has good stroke and has a slight comical look to it.  It really grabs me...i think you did a great job.

    Thanks everyone.. Charlie.. i have heard that before.. its on our invoices as well.. and everyone seems to like it.. i get compliments on the design on our shirts too..

  3. thanks guys.. so many of you have posted your work.. i didnt have anything applied to anything yet.. so i went and did this to advertise some.. always good to advertise right? :thumbsup:

    i have so many ideas in my head.. a buddy of mine wants me to do a 4 color design for him.. i got it already designed in signblazer.. just waitin on some clear app tape so i can align them easier.. this is so fun.. glad i found this forum.. great bunch of folks..

  4. well.. i did this design a couple of years ago.. i sponsor a mud racing truck and they put this in his window plus i used it to make some tshirts to wear around town and at work :o  so this time since i have a cutter.. i added the custom signs and stickers to it.. while cleaned up the vector before i cut it.. i think they came out pretty good.. however.. i started to apply these in the afternoon when the sun was going down.. (i think was a mistake.. but with a new baby coming this week i am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get little things done before my wife gives birth to our baby son)  so i did the wet app with the recipe from bannerjohn.. everything looked good.. then the small letters didnt want to stay on the window or pull off from the app tape (R-Tape) :o  so i fixed them up as good as i could and squeegeed them again after i got the app tape off.. this will do for now.. i wanted to test the LG 6000 vinyl i got.. seems to work pretty good.. i will work on a multi color one later.. and possibly redo them in the future.. but for now.. i think they came out pretty sweet.. the back windows in my jeep are not square at all.. i just found the center and went with that.. didnt way to change the aspect i wanted to keep it as level as possible and remain in the center of the window.. what do you think?





  5. i also looked at my wally world.. they compacted the craft-sewing sections now ;D  bummer.. no more sewing fabric.. walmart is plain stupid.. we live in a rural area and almost 99% of them shopped for fabric at walmart..  now most of the quilt makers are having to drive over an hours just to get material from another super wally.. i will have to checkout that corner cutter..

  6. I just double checked mine since its been a while ;D Over 8

    Account Status:             Verified

    Account Type:                     US Business

    Account Creation Date:  Feb. 14, 2000

    PayPal Member For:           8 years 6 months 3 days

    lol.. check it

    Status: Verified

    Account Creation Date: Feb. 27, 2000

    what kind of monthly fee does paypal charge if i do the processing at my shop using paypal.. any ideas? i just hate the monthly fee..

  7. heh.. its been like that for a few weeks here.. lows in the upper 40s.. highs in the 80s.. feels good ;D but we need rain.. need to do that indian rain dance.. we.. want.. rain.. blllllsdfsdf... we.. want.. rain... bbbrfrsffg.. we want rain we want rain we want rain..  ;D

  8. congratulations and welcome.. i tried for 2 weeks to win one on ebay... finally one saturday afternoon.. i happen to be home and looked and one was very low.. i watched it and won!!! ;D  i love my laserpoint.. when you get it you will be surprised at how big they really are.. :D  and it works great.. if you have any questions.. just ask.. the only dumb question is the one you dont ask.. have fun.. ;D

  9. before i got a vinyl cutter.. i was going to get back into screen printing.. but i didnt want to have to purchase a bunch of equipment.. i had read about ezscreen  material.. so i did some research and ordered a small kit.. i have made over 10 shirts with this kit and im going to use it to make a baby shirt for my unborn son because i dont have the funds to get a heat press just yet.. you should check it out... its easy.. you just print your design on regular white paper.. and then put it in the sun for 15mins.. then wash it off with water.. the material that was your design washes away. then put it back outside for 10-15 more mins to cure the rest of the material.. then use it like a regular screen with ink.. was very easy and affordable.. :D

  10. i did a long time ago.. emulsion chemicals sux.. however.. i did get some ezscreen and tried that for some tshirts for work.. they came out nice.. and now i found my way here and am using a cutter now.. i am saving up for a press..

  11. ok.. looking at credit card processing AGAIN... we had it before but i canceled it because we only had 2 customers to use it over 3 years we had it.. it was about $25/month + % of transaction.. so we lost money really if you break it down.. it would be good to have just in case especially since i am now going to add vinyl signs sales..etc.. to add to my income.. . i have heard a bunch of different pitches over the phone.. i get atleast 5-10 calls a day from telemarketers trying to pitch credit card processing and after you read the fine print.. its not worth it.. if there was one that would be cheap per month or just a percentage of use.. then i would get one in a heart beat..

    some people use paypal.. however.. i have used paypal ever since it started.. before it was bought out by ebay.. and its a ripoff.. all it takes is 1 buyer to say he didnt get what he wanted and boom the money is gone from your account w/o even hearing your side.. i hate paypal.. and what suxs is i bought something from ebay and it didnt come with everything.. and was damaged.. i complained to the seller and he never did anything.. so i filed a complaint with paypal and they agreed in my favor.. however.. i didnt get my money back.. nothing.. they say if the seller ever puts any money in his account they will get my money.. well.. its been over 6 months and i still havent got my money back.. go figure.. the people who lied about some of my transactions where i was the seller.. got their money like in a second.. and paypal didnt care what i said or care about my proof of shipment.. signature.. nothing.. :P  so paypal is a no go..

    so if you know of a good.. reliable.. not too expensive per month credit card processing.. please let me know..

    Thanks in advance..

  12. Anakin (gm2k8)

    Are you just laying the tape on the decal or are you squeeging it? You need to use a squeegee or a credit card and pass it over the whole thing. My tape used to do that, but it was because I wasnt doing this well.


    yes master?  well.. i use a cd-rom to press it down and smooth it out.. however.. i need to get me some squeegees.. maybe you are on to something..

  13. My 360 found its way to my brother as I did not like it, I love my PS3 both for gaming and for the BluRays.  The picture is just so unbelievable!!!

    i play my 360 way more then my ps3.. i play online all the time though.. ps3 still has a lot of bugs to work out before their online system is as good as MS live.. communication suxs on the ps3.. even with the best bluetooth headset it still suxs.. i want to try HOME.. but its been pushed back forever and i didnt get into the beta :thumbsup: and i usually always get into every beta..