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  1. is there more support for the refine then the laserpoint?  i was looking over at the laserpoint forums and it seems everyone is having problems and nobody is praising the laserpoint.. i posted a thread to get the people who love it to chime in.. i want some reassurance that the laserpoint is a good machine and has good support.. i look at the refine forum and it seems the members there are chiming in all the time about how great it is and showing their work..etc.. this has me worried if i get a laserpoint will i be able to get good support with it.. decisions.. anyone can chime in?

  2. i have been researching for a while now.. thinking more and more about getting the laserpoint.. however.. it seems to me every post on here is about problems.. can some people chime in and reassure me that the laserpoint is indeed a great machine.. i want to hear from actual users that are loving their laserpoint.. :lol:  i know its a learning curve but how does everyone really think of their laserpoint?


  3. Dave,

    Something i have learned in the 2 weeks that i have joined this awesome forum is that all three of the value cutters work great.  Laserpoint is a cool feature, but you can actually manually create a contour around an image either by your desired vector program or plugin program or by hand cutting a contour with a pair of scissors.  Either way, it can be done. 

    I do believe now that they all have direct USB plugs so converters are not needed.  They all work with Vista. 

    As far as Signblazer, DL their trial version and try it out and see if you like it.

    Again, all three are good cutters.  There would not be a forum this big if they all were junk.  If you feel you do not need all the bells and whistles, the MH or the Pcut will do it's job with no problems.  Otherwise, welcome to the forum and good luck on your search.

    thank you.. so is there really any difference between the laserpoint and the MH?  those were the 2 i was thinking about getting.. i read the review of the laserpoint and it was highly recommended.. i have also seen there is a lot of support for the MH since more users have that model..

  4. ok.. i have been reading and wanting to get a vinyl cutter for a long time.. i have been in the computer business forever.. used a bunch of different equipment.. am very efficient with photoshop.. some other graphic programs.. i was thinking this might be something i can do on my down time to bring in some extra income. i run a computer repair business and sometimes it is slow.. this might be the way to pick things up for me and start a new hobby.. i have in the past purchased vinyl stickers from people on ebay.. online.. etc.. not thinking that i could be doing the same thing.. i have always wanted to put some stickers on my car window to advertise my computer repair business but everyone i contacted it was very expensive.. (atleast locally) so i was thinking.. i designed our logo.. made a screen print using ezscreen and made tshirts.. why not try vinyl cutting.. ;D

    so my questions are basically how do you get started? 

    are any of you also sellers on ebay/online? 

    can you use clipart for designs to resell or do you just do custom work?

    i was thinking of getting the 25" USCutter one with the stand or the USCutter Laserpoint 24"

    any pro/cons of each?

    i see they have usb convertors? do they work ok?

    how is the SignBlazer Elements Trial Edition software?

    can i import paths from photoshop into SignBlazer?

    will it work in vista?

    if you had any problems.. where they easily fixed?

    i love the idea of the forum and i have been a 'reader' for a few days now and i think this is the place for me to start on this new hobby because of all the nice forum members are here for support..

    thanks in advance.. all informations is greatly appreciated..