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  1. sorry got tied up with other issues and went back to the cutter.. i had the rollers close to the edge because i thought you had to use the sensors before i turned them off.. good news is after messing with it i saw your response and i have been moving the  cutter head to the right before i turn it on. Then i have the rollers on the blue areas but farther inside then i previously had it. I still haven't tested the prefeed yet but I will soon. So far the cutter is working great. Thanks MzSkeeter for all the help. Any other tips you can share I would appreciate it. 

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  2. 46 minutes ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    Then that should not be the problem.  

    ok do you physically move your cutter head to the start point of the material then his "origin" and also is there a way to advance the material faster to make sure its lined up with the cut head further down the material? when i press down key it is so slow lol  (NEVERMIND.. i remembered i read hold down "Fast" button)

  3. 18 hours ago, MZ SKEETER said:

      You turned off the media sensors and pinch roller sensor..You should not have to mess  with expand. . Also make sure in the cutting software, that the media width is as far as it needs to be.  Something like 23.75"  I think. This is set by using the driver for the CE6000-60  should set that media. Make sure the layout box is larger than your design. Always cut lower right corner.  You have to go into the cutter menu and set that. Show a screen shot of the full layout screen with it ready to cut. 

    thats what i thought.. i have the media and pinch roller sensors turned off from day one.. so i shouldnt even need to mess with expand.. hmmm.. i'll try that here in a few mins.. i also noted that my working space is larger than what im cutting and it shows on the bottom right in the orientation that i wanted.. i'll test this out and get back Skeeter

  4. Ok I finally got a new ce6000 plus, there are some quirks that i just cant seem to get by with this new machine. I mean it works great and i am still tweaking it some but I went in and turned off the roller sensors and media sensors because it was basically wasting material. But now even with those cut off and I set "expand" to go beyond the rollers, I cannot get it to cut the left hand side of a design that worked perfectly fine with my old vinyl cutter. It cuts all the way to about 3/4" of the end of the vinyl and it will lift up and move on to another section. It never closes the gaps on that side for boxes. I have read the manual and watched videos on how to make sure the sensors are off but for the life of me I cannot get this cutter to cut past the rollers. any help?


  5. On 6/12/2018 at 10:16 PM, MZ SKEETER said:

    Says in stock   LEKE E206419 AWM 20798 80C 60V Cable VW-1 -   Ask about length. Or if they could get it in your size.  I don't do metrics.

    i saw a few like that but don't really trust ordering when i have to translate lol so im gonna work on this one with a longer printer cable and i've ordered a graphtec ce6000 to replace it. if i can get it to work i will use it for none detailed stuff 

  6. On 6/11/2018 at 10:39 AM, MZ SKEETER said:

    Does the ribbon have the numbers on it?  If so put the  number in to Google search.  There are a lot of sellers out there selling ribbons, even on Ebay. 

    Also, you never stated which version of Laser pointer it was.  If version 1, Then it is a Creation Pcut...Contact Creation.  They still make cutters.   Version 2 was a Liyu...  They still make cutters. 

    well to be honest im not 100% sure which model I got.. its red and black 24" with laser.. i always heard it was a Laserpoint 24". i have included a pic i found online.that looks just like mine. also included a pic of the ribbon cable identification. the ribbon cable is long  about 550mm and 20mm wide 16 pin from what i can see. 



  7. On 6/1/2018 at 1:57 PM, Dakotagrafx said:

    does that ribbon cable go to both motors - betting not

    the ribbon cable was to the cutter head pcb.. i did a test and used some stranded copper wires about 10" in length and soldered each one to the small pcb on the cutter head to the exact locations of the original ribbon cable.. it worked.. however this was for a test to see if it was indeed the ribbon cable.. i have looked online trying to find a replacement ribbon cable with no success.. i gutted an old printer to rob it of a ribbon cable that was similer style but not the right pin count.. so i soldered it to shorter wires to the small pcb on the cutter head.. i got it working but not back to the original state.. the ribbon cable from the printer is shorter in length so i can cut up to 12" but not 24" because of it.. i would like to find an original cable so i can just plug it into the connector on the cutter head but the other end going to the motherboard is just soldered with huge wires which makes no sense why they didnt just put another connector on that end making it an easy fix.. OR.. im going to gut a few other old printers and rob them of their ribbon cables and connectors and jimmy-rigg this thing to work and then look to purchasing a new cutter.. 

    speaking of new cutters.. what is the 'top dog' of the cutters that isn't gonna break my wallet.. i know servo type cutters are better.. whats the bees knees right now?

  8. On 6/1/2018 at 12:38 PM, Dakotagrafx said:

    if no side to side and no forward and backward movement I would look to the mainboard - check connections etc - it uses 2 different motors for the side to side and the forward / backward movement so chances of both them going out is pretty slim.   if you need a board first thing to check is to see if you have a lp1 or lp2 - they were made by different manufactures


    Ok.. i believe the problem lies with the ribbon cable.. as I soldered in some wires to the cutter head pcb traces on top and was able to get it to function again.. granted this was just a test.. i then gutted an old printer to get a ribbon cable close to what was used and then jimmy-rigged the cable to the wires i had already soldered to the pcb.. it has worked but i cannot cut 24" because of the length of the ribbon cable i grabbed from the old printer.. the bad thing is the wires coming from the motherboard solder directly to the ribbon cable and that i think is a weak point.. i might gut a few more old printers i have to grab the connectors for the ribbon cables and then use those.. but i will need to find a replacement cable that matches what originally came with it if i want to use the connector on the cutter head pcb.. 

  9. any help? the cutter turns on and does its initial test on the LCD then says online.. if i tun offline and do 'test' button it presses down the cutter but there is no movement on the rollers that move the vinyl nor the cutter head only the head goes down like it wants to cut.. any idea where to start? in other words the cutter doesnt move/cut at all just the cut head goes down.. this is from the LCD panel.. if i try to move the head manually the numbers change on the LCD but no movement.. its like the motors don't respond at all 


    thanks in advance.. 

  10. ok i got this back years ago and it has worked fine until recently. It would stop in the middle of a cut thus ruining any material i had been using. I searched the forum and grounded it per instructions and still would stop sometimes. Then I took the cover off the cut head assembly and noticed the ribbon cable going from the cutter to the cut head was loose. (looked to be glued down at one point) so I pushed it back in and pushed in the clip holding it and it seemed to be doing ok. Today it stopped in mid cut again and I looked at the ribbon cable and it seemed ok. When it stopped all it was doing was moving the cutter head up and down as if it was still cutting the design but no movement to the vinyl or the cutter head. Any suggestions from here? I use this every day for small projects so any ideas on tracking down what went wrong would be helpful. 


  11. Just wondering what kind of maintenance should we be doing on these cutters? i've had mine since 2008.. use it occasionally throughout the years.. bought new blades here and there.. but haven't replaced anything on it.. i have noticed some files do not close completely so i have small burrs when i am weeding.. also the last few months every once in a while it will stop cutting completely in the middle of a job.. I ran a wire to ground it and sanded off the paint for the ground wire and it seemed to correct it but it still does it once in a while.. any suggestions greatly appreciated.. 

  12. You are going to need a vinyl color book to get any kind of accurate match. Also pretty sure that USCutter is selling a lot of products by the foot now. I bought a couple feet of neon orange and neon yellow to try out without buying a whole roll. 


    i looked and didnt see any small rolls for sale on uscutter