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    4 x 8 sheet for sign?

    I usually dont do large signs.. i do coroplast signs and small stuff but a friend of mine wants to replace an old weather worn sign for her business and i looked it over and told her i would help her. I stopped and checked out some signs along the road that were vinyl and it appears to be some form of vinyl itself maybe 2-3mm thick not coroplast but it is white. it is screwed onto a wooden back.. i would like to find out what that is and where would be convenient to order or possibly buy at lowes? I need 3 4x8 sheets any info greatly appreciated.
  2. gm2k8

    4 x 8 sheet for sign?

    lol you guys/gals going back and forth.. so funny.. ok.. i saw some PVC 4x8 sign board.. in 1mm and 2mm.. i wonder if thats what i saw.. i would like to keep the price down as much as possible as i am helping this person by only charging them material cost.. thanks for the suggestions so far..
  3. gm2k8

    4 x 8 sheet for sign?

    so the question is.. what substrate would be ok to use for a sign that could be purchased at lowes? or.. what is the material i seen on the signs around here? thanks in advance..
  4. gm2k8

    4 x 8 sheet for sign?

    Thanks everyone.. waiting to hear exact product from lowes.. thats all i need..
  5. gm2k8

    4 x 8 sheet for sign?

    nobody has a clue.. i did search but didnt find anything that looks like vinyl.. its maybe 2-3mm thick.. i know its vinyl on the lettering.. ??
  6. well i would love to say that i do vinyl for a living but i do not.. i do however work in the computer field and have done so since 1987.. i have been into graphic design since 1994 and worked for some local comic artists for help with computer 3d design, logo design, posters and lettering.. i now slowed down and opened a small computer repair business and am loving it once again being self employed.. i wanted to get back into t-shirts and possibly vinyl stickers to keep me busy when it is slow.. Dave
  7. just looking for ideas.. i saw the nice looking home made app tape holders.. so i was wondering what do you use for trimming the vinyl?
  8. i got a client that wants some reflective decals cut to go on his motorcycle helmet.. i dont want to purchase a lot of vinyl because i dunno if this will be a part of my business now.. just looking for small runs to test.. any ideas.. i saw some on ebay cheap.. but thats prob what it is cheap..
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    motorcycle vanity license plates

    thanks for the link.. i dunno if im committed to purchase 50 just yet.. I would like to test them first.. how much for a few PM me.. dave
  10. looking for a supplier of motorcycle license plate blanks.. i saw the post (search) for reg car license plate blanks.. however signwarehouse didnt have any smaller sizes ones for motorcycles.. any help greatly appreciated.. Dave
  11. ok.. i have been reading and wanting to get a vinyl cutter for a long time.. i have been in the computer business forever.. used a bunch of different equipment.. am very efficient with photoshop.. some other graphic programs.. i was thinking this might be something i can do on my down time to bring in some extra income. i run a computer repair business and sometimes it is slow.. this might be the way to pick things up for me and start a new hobby.. i have in the past purchased vinyl stickers from people on ebay.. online.. etc.. not thinking that i could be doing the same thing.. i have always wanted to put some stickers on my car window to advertise my computer repair business but everyone i contacted it was very expensive.. (atleast locally) so i was thinking.. i designed our logo.. made a screen print using ezscreen and made tshirts.. why not try vinyl cutting.. so my questions are basically how do you get started? are any of you also sellers on ebay/online? can you use clipart for designs to resell or do you just do custom work? i was thinking of getting the 25" USCutter one with the stand or the USCutter Laserpoint 24" any pro/cons of each? i see they have usb convertors? do they work ok? how is the SignBlazer Elements Trial Edition software? can i import paths from photoshop into SignBlazer? will it work in vista? if you had any problems.. where they easily fixed? i love the idea of the forum and i have been a 'reader' for a few days now and i think this is the place for me to start on this new hobby because of all the nice forum members are here for support.. thanks in advance.. all informations is greatly appreciated.. Dave
  12. bout to bite the bullet and i think the sunie heat press is going to be my first press purchase and then save up for something larger. how much did you pay for yours?
  13. i checked their site its $299+sh now.. i saw they sell on ebay and warranty there is 24months.. so they had best offer.. so i calculated with shipping so it would end around 275 and still refused my offer.. so im debating.. i dont want to spend more then $300 shipped..
  14. gm2k8

    What does your user name mean??

    gm2k8 gm = game master 2k8 = 2008 it started way back in the early 80s and in arcades.. then i started my own video game business and everyone would call me "the game master".. i had that nickname since the early 80s so i've had it for a long time.. i just change it on forums when i join.. 2k8 is of course 2008 and yes i am still a gamer after all these years.. but since our baby was born i haven't played much if at all.. i need to finish mgs4 on ps3..
  15. gm2k8

    Halloween costume

    awesome.. now someone needs to be a hot dog or french fries
  16. gm2k8

    USC (Gamecocks) Xbox Decal

    looks good.. always nice to meet other gamers..
  17. gm2k8

    zip files

    hmmmm, dummy here, how do i do that ? it happens with all zip files. attach it like you would a photo using the buttons when you reply. or you can give us the link where you are downloading those .zip files and we can try to extract them. you would be surprised how many times its the actual zip is just corrupt before you even download it. also something else you can try is to do a chkdsk on your hard drive. sometimes your hard drive can get corrupt and everything you download such as .zip files will also be corrupt when you download them. you can do this by just right clicking your hard drive (C:) and goto tools then check for errors. it will more then likely have to restart for the chkdsk to take place.. there are many free zip programs.. you can always download winzip and install it.. just use the free version it will tell you it has 30 days however it last a lifetime..
  18. gm2k8

    Some of my work

    well beam me up Scotty!!! that has to be the most unique item i have seen by using a cutter.. more details please.. are you just making the pattern so you can cut in the foam or ? damn nice.. EDIT.. woah.. i just went back and more photos are now showing up.. that is just amazing.. i like the klingon warbird but the enterprise is sweet.. are u using fiber optics for the lights? did a lil snooping.. saw your Naboo Starship and some other items.. man you do good work..
  19. ok.. new to the whole App Tape and stuff.. well hell im new.. so i did some research and i got a few rolls of LB 6000 from signwarehouse so i just got a roll of RTAPE STD PREMASK 12 X 100YDS.. well.. i dunno if im doing something wrong.. but it doesn't seem to stick well to the backing of vinyl when i put it on there.. it curls up on the corners.. i dunno if this is gonna work.. i cant hand customers stickers and the ends are curling up.. doesn't looks professional.. any ideas? what do you use? i need something better then this..
  20. gm2k8

    Cheap corner rounder

    i guess this is what i get for living in the country no targets here.. they are 1hr away.. only thing local is walmart and mom/pop shops.. i guess ebay is my only hope
  21. gm2k8

    Cheap corner rounder

    ok im about to pull my hair out lol.. i have looked at 2 walmarts for this thing and i cannot find it at all.. i hate that both my walmarts have decided to downsize the arts/supplies sections.. i have also looked near the paper/pens sections numerous times.. they have a small scrapbook section.. its not there either.. i see a lot of different sissors but nothing that says "corner rounder" .. can anyone take a pic of this in the package? i want to get one i have some magnets to do in a few weeks.. i am looking on ebay but shipping is over priced for something less then $5
  22. in North Carolina.. its the Carolina MudCats.. looks good.. i need to do a multiolor.. i have one designed just haven't found the time to cut them
  23. i have been researching for a while now.. thinking more and more about getting the laserpoint.. however.. it seems to me every post on here is about problems.. can some people chime in and reassure me that the laserpoint is indeed a great machine.. i want to hear from actual users that are loving their laserpoint.. i know its a learning curve but how does everyone really think of their laserpoint? Dave
  24. gm2k8

    For my son's team (WildCats)

    looks good.. everytime i see 'Wildcats' i think of that movie with Goldie Hawn and the song at the end.. football.. wildcats.. football.. wildcats.. lol banner looks good.. haven't got to making any banners yet..