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  1. So regular heat press vinyl will work in a mug press, HugoV? I have no desire to do dye sub, but I'd love to be able to offer my clients simple logos on mugs, if all I require is a mug press. ---------------- Now playing: Outkast - B.O.B. via FoxyTunes press, HugoV?
  2. JohnnyTremendous.

    Here's a few new ones

    Here's a sign I did for one of my tattooists, a skull I painted on leather (using paint mask) to turn into a handbag and a mirror I 'desilvered' and decorated. The sign is attached, the mirror thing is explained on my blog. I just started work tonight on my biggest sign yet (by far), a 8' x 12' 3 color coroplast sign for an auto mechanic. I'll post some picture when I'm done it. It's pretty stressful figuring out the logistic of this thing... ---------------- Now playing: Tom Waits - Such a Scream (Milan - 07/18/08) via FoxyTunes
  3. JohnnyTremendous.

    First banner

    Here's a shot of the wife and I at our table at a recent craft fair. I sold a couple of banners to people who approached us asking about ours... ---------------- Now playing: The White Stripes - Truth Doesn't Make A Noise via FoxyTunes
  4. JohnnyTremendous.

    New decal for a tattoo shop door

    Here's a shot of a decal I did for a buddy. ---------------- Now playing: Mickey Avalon - Dipped In Vaseline via FoxyTunes
  5. JohnnyTremendous.

    Big Ol' Decal

    Here's a scan of the sheet of flash that I got that skull & lotus from.
  6. JohnnyTremendous.

    Big Ol' Decal

    Sure. I'll try to find it again over the next few days.
  7. JohnnyTremendous.

    Big Ol' Decal

    I did not draw it. I just extracted the outline from some tattoo flash.
  8. JohnnyTremendous.

    Big Ol' Decal

    Thanks, folks. I'm not sure what I'll mount it to. I've got to keep my scavenger eyes open. Formica? Glass? Lexan? Whatever I find in the next week or so.
  9. JohnnyTremendous.

    All Over Print Civic Wagon

    So cool. I love it!
  10. JohnnyTremendous.

    Big Ol' Decal

    Weeding this nearly made my eyes fall out of my head. I'll likely mount it and give it as an xmas gift. It's about 12" x 22".
  11. JohnnyTremendous.

    Bad picture of my first paying job

    I tried to get them to allow me put a white field behind it, or even a white 'shadow', but they didn't think it was necessary.
  12. JohnnyTremendous.

    Graphic sharing thread... Start your EPS collection here!

    Thanks everyone. There's some really good stuff in here.
  13. JohnnyTremendous.

    Bad picture of my first paying job

    I did this job a couple weeks ago. I've been holding out to get a better photo, but I don't think I'm getting one... ---------------- Now playing: Destroyer - The Bad Arts via FoxyTunes
  14. JohnnyTremendous.

    Haunted Drive In

    Looks great. I'd like my car to look like that all year long!
  15. JohnnyTremendous.

    What's a good book to learn Flexi better?

    Ha! I just discovered that tutorial myself a few seconds ago! I posted it in another thread.