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    MX Templates?

    I'm not sure if the search is broken or not but I can't seem to find any templates for MX Graphics. I know Firemalt posted some, according to another thread, but I can't seem to find them. Can someone post where I can find a variety of MX Templates, preferably for free but I'll pay if I have to. Thanks!
  2. designfx

    Eagle Head

    Thanks for sharing! Great job!
  3. designfx

    got myself a 24" graphtec - laptop decal

    I second this!! Please!
  4. Hello everyone. I just purchased a GraphTech CE5000-60 from USCutter. Extremely excited as I bought the copam 2500 first and was extremely unsatisfied with its quality and overall design So I traded that in on the GraphTech. Question is, will "Poll size" and "Show me" in Flexisign play well with the Graphtech? I'm used to an older Summa cutter and was told GraphTech is the closest thing to Summa without spending several thousand dollars. Also, how well does it cut reflectives and thicker materials? I had a local cutter dealer tell me they were not good for it but I just can't believe 300 grams of pressure wouldn't be enough to cut reflectives and other thick materials. What say you?