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  1. Hallman

    tatty jolly roger flag wanted

    Thank you! I grabbed this one also. Sweet!
  2. Hallman


    Needed the sunglasses. Thanks so much!
  3. Hallman

    Evolution Of Man Sticker

    Awesome Mustangconv! I appreciate your time posting this!
  4. Hallman

    hand in chains

    Snatched the cuffed hands! Nice, thanks! Don't taze me Bro!
  5. Hallman

    Flyfishing flies...

    I needed one too. Thanks so much!!
  6. I needed one too. Thanks!
  7. Hallman

    Giving back....2nd Admenment

    Nice, thanks
  8. Hallman

    Mud Flap Girl with cowboy hat and boots- EPS

    Love country girls! Had to have her. Thanks!
  9. Hallman


    I needed one too. Thanks!!!!!
  10. Hallman

    Help making this more cutter friendly?

    Unfortunately, It will be awhile before I own something like this. Thanks for the info!
  11. Hallman

    Help making this more cutter friendly?

    Thanks Doug. I grabbed your design. They don't want many of these but there is no way I'm cutting and weeding the design they sent. Your design looks good. I may offer it and see what they think or totally redesign as you suggested. Thank you so much! Jeff
  12. I'm getting a little better. Still learning. I'm trying simplify this image so that it is smoother to cut and weed. Everyone seems to want this jagged type graphics. It's a headache for me. Any help is greatly appreciated. Logo-Final eps.eps
  13. Hallman

    help vectorizing??

    I'm not able to print decals yet and they only need a few for a small club. I would have tried to outsource if it was a bigger job. Plus, he did want the edges cleaned up. OWjones' design is perfect. Thanks everyone!
  14. Hallman

    help vectorizing??

    Yes. It's a local car club. I don't know who designed it but that's what they want............