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  1. I concur with Wildgoose. Never a problem with US Cutter. The one time I had one, I don't even remember what the issue was, I called back and got a different rep, and it was instantly fixed. And as for a bad machine, it really falls on you to understand precisely whats wrong, and document what you've done to fix it. Designing, cutting and laying vinyl is a process that takes many years to master. Don't think one company, whomever they are, will solve your problems. If you've DONE ALL YOUR HOMEWORK, and you call US Cutter, you'll get what you need.
  2. Markk077

    Opinions on Sure Cuts A Lot

    I'm Corel X5 to SignCutPro 1.95, add a few weedlines, and done. Lately, even walk away and forget I'm cutting; on return, it's flawless. (on an SC25) But I've been doing this for several decades, so know exactly what I want. Sure Cuts A Lot interface didn't impress me, and why cut diagonal line thru 24" of good vinyl to test its weird interface in the free trial? You get what you pay for, only after serious research.
  3. grafx worxs, Being sincere, you need a lot of help. Your design, then cutting software is at the core of everything. From your question, you are clue clueless. You need to back up and seek schooling in this art. I wish you the best, take care, Mark
  4. Markk077

    help with font

    Hey bigwigs, your artwork is a piece of crap. Font? Does it f' apply? Take care, Mark
  5. Markk077


    Nice, Slice & Dice... That's a cool graphic...
  6. Markk077

    Best Outdoor Banner Material

    Like Jfought says, 13oz is good for about everything. Above that, your considerations are wind, and time exposed to it. If it's secured to an outside wall properly by ALL the grommets, 13oz will last years. The Sun is the enemy of vinyl. The Wind is his henchman, and he's a more evil foe. He love's to just tear shit down. And he will. If it's going to be exposed from wind from both sides for a period of time, pay for a professional banner with supports, and be prepared to stop by once a week to ensure no "flap blowouts". 13oz is good as long as flat, higher is meant for worse. Take care, Mark
  7. Markk077

    4 x 24 Sign

    Wow. My instant reaction was "too thin & simple". Took 30 seconds for my brain to adjust. Sincerely, beautiful sign, and I will steal your design. Take care, Mark
  8. Markk077

    boat vinyl question

    To get totally technical, both 651 and 751 have the same adhesive, "Solvent polyacrylate, permanent". There's absolutely no difference in the lifetime of their staying attached. The difference is in how these same vinyls are processed; In essence, 751 is processed slower, so is more stable, and strangely thinner, because it's "cast", or has full time to form along the conveyor belt before it "sets". 651 is run through faster, and while controlled, it comes out .5 mil thicker. My rule: Use 751 on ALL vehicles. Use 751 on Major Facing signs of their business. Use both for easily replaceble signs. Take care and good luck in life, Mark
  9. Markk077

    do you ever feel like this around here?

    Save them, World Book is priceless; even if outdated. You are safe in your documents. U.S. Constititution.
  10. Markk077

    do you ever feel like this around here?

    slice&dice, I gained most my knowledge as a kid from World Book. Serious. No offense to you, but your son is a fool! (kidding) Take care, Mark
  11. Markk077

    do you ever feel like this around here?

    Seriously. The sign business has been good to me, as has US Cutter. No reason to waste a minute on these obvious questions. I come here for the rare wisdom, and breeze through the rest... There are no perfect answers...ever Take care, Mark
  12. Markk077

    do you ever feel like this around here?

    Don't waste lessons on a kid who won't show up for school...
  13. Markk077

    My Work Area

    That's nice, SeeJay. I know zilch about heat press (did work as a 6-color screen-press operator for a few months; high-quality high-volume towels for people like NFL & Bill Blass; learned a lot, but the job was too boring. Do you "bonk" your head while you're trying to work, haha?
  14. Markk077

    My Work Area

    In any case, never make, or ask for any excuse for your mistake or problem. Fix them. Take care, Mark
  15. Markk077

    My Work Area

    Looks good. Serious about this business, you won't care about opinions. You won't have time. Only your current customer matters; and of course the next... Take care, Mark