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  1. SiboleGraphix

    Nursery Wall, First Wall Vinyl I've done

    Thank you all! I wanted to actually do the flowers in a deep red, and a darker pink, with some orange and yellows. But she likes simple. I used Oracal 631 vinyl. Hi Joe! I missed chatting with you!
  2. SiboleGraphix

    Door Graphic 2

    OMG I love this! Beautiful!
  3. SiboleGraphix

    Nursery Wall, First Wall Vinyl I've done

    Thank You. I think the white walls do kinda throw me off. Makes it seem so empty! I actually had some really cool flowers and designs I wanted to do, and add some stuff coming down from the ceilings, and otherthings, but this is all she wanted. It was good practice though. I may just have to add some things to my own kids rooms!
  4. So, I posted awhile ago about doing my sister's daughter's wall. She wanted tulips and the such, and you all gave me some great vectors. So here is the actuall wall art. I wasn't very happy with it, but it's what my sister wanted. But I was pretty surprised it came out so well!
  5. SiboleGraphix

    One I made Today

    Nice job!
  6. SiboleGraphix

    Done some printing last night

    Awesome work! It all looks great! I would love to some day own a printer, but who knows when that will happen. 60K ... Yea, someday.
  7. SiboleGraphix

    Mirror scene of ocean life

    Thats so beautiful! I love it. I was thinking about putting some vinyl on the back of our fish tank, I think it may look nice.
  8. SiboleGraphix

    Need some help, and Hi again!

    Thank you Jay. I had no idea there was a vinyl for concrete, but it's awesome. Thank you for telling me. I'm so behind in the vinyl times. Amber
  9. SiboleGraphix

    Flowers, especially a Tulip, with stems and leaves

    Oh, thank you so much Jenn! The second one will work great, and I can use the stems for the daisies! Your a life saver! Big, big hugs! Amber
  10. SiboleGraphix

    Flowers, especially a Tulip, with stems and leaves

    Thank you for those tulips! But my sister is looking for one to match her babies bed set. Let's see if I can get the pic to work! But I'm definetly saving those flowers, and thank you so much for taking time to help me! Those plain ole tulips is what she wants, and I can't find anything like that. All I can find are fancy ones like Joe posted!
  11. So, my younger sis is having her first baby, a girl named Samara. They were going to paint the nursery, but decided against it, and now want me to do vinyl on her wall instead. Over the crib I'm putting "Sweet Dreams Samara" and then they want some flowers coming up from the ground around the room, and a few dragonflies and lady bugs zooming around. I found some nice plain flowers on Dafont, (posted in here, because you guys are awesome) But I can't find a basic looking tulip to go with them. And I need stems to put them on. I'm kinda in a time crunch since the baby is due Jan 31 (I'm hoping she comes on the 28th, my b-day) and I have been spending alot of time at the hospital with my mom. I'm so stressed out, but I really want to do this for my sister. Anyone with any nice tulips, or stemed flowers, can you please help me and my sis out? Or does anyone know where I can get these kind of vectors? Thank you, thank you, thank you for any help. And thank you for being such an amazingly helpful group of wonderful people. Amber
  12. SiboleGraphix

    Finished Fire Helmet

    Oh wow, that looks so awesome! Your amazing!
  13. SiboleGraphix

    Need some help, and Hi again!

    Thank you everyone for replies! I ended up not doing the job, he needed to run the job through the National Guard, and I don't have an actual license yet, so I couldn't do it. : ( Even worse, right before new years, my mom fell and broke her hip and is very sick. But thank you for the advice, I figured there would be no way to put vinyl on concrete walls.
  14. SiboleGraphix

    Need some help, and Hi again!

    So, I use to be addicted to this website. Then a whole lot of poop happened to my life, and I have been letting my vinyl cutter just sit. But now I'm starting to get phone calls, and so I gotta get my cutter running again. I had a National Guard recruitor ask me some questions, and he wants some work done. He wants either a really big banner on the front of our NG building, or vinyl lettering right on the building. I think the lettering would be better since he has a banner that the wind has killed twice, but the building is concrete. Which do you think would work better? I'm worried about putting vinyl right on concrete outside, but I'm also worried the wind will kill a banner I make also. What would you guys do? And can you even do vinyl on outdoor concrete? If so, which vinyl? Thank you to anyone with some help, and Hi to anyone I use to chat with!
  15. SiboleGraphix

    store front

    That looks great! Good JOb! Amber