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  1. I want to add to this that another customer service rep took over the call and handled it with ease. I am glad I decided to sit on hold and not let one bad apple (who doesn't know what products you carry) spoil the bunch.
  2. I just had the WORST customer service experience with US CUTTER ever!!! I have never had any issues with US Cutter customer support and am REALLY upset over this. Especially because I have a $500 order pending. I would like someone, supervisor or higher, to contact me as soon as possible please.
  3. ralais

    Signblazer Cutting Setup Details??

    I went ahead and uninstalled SB and then reinstalled it... that worked. Still have no idea what was wrong because the settings are still the same.
  4. ralais

    Signblazer Cutting Setup Details??

    Yes... tried that one. No change. I also opened up SB on another PC I have to check the settings and they are the same. So now I'm really stumped... with a lot of work to get done.
  5. ralais

    Signblazer Cutting Setup Details??

    I have been on hold for the Tech Support for 32 minutes now... I really need some help.
  6. ralais

    Signblazer Cutting Setup Details??

    The size at the bottom is actually larger than what I have it sest as AND it has a LOT ot extra material shown around the edges.
  7. I am not sure what happened to my cutter / software today but somehow, between cuts, my cutter settings must have changed. Everything I try to cut is cutting SUPER SMALL. On the screen it looks like it is the right size, but when I hit cut, it cuts tiny. Could someone please tell me what the cutting settings should be for a MH721 cutter?
  8. ralais


    I know you are on my FB silly... I read your updates on the regular.
  9. ralais


    Thank you John... how have you been? @Roger... I already wear a cape!
  10. ralais


    Hi there... I'm Lauren. I am a golden-oldie member from "back in the day." I've been away for a while... LIFE caught up with me and made me get have to focus on other things (not all as fun as vinyl).
  11. ralais

    Vinyl Scraps

    Everyday I am throwing away a garbage bag full of vinyl scraps / peelings / tape, etc... I feel os un-green. What do you do with all your vinyl scraps / trash?
  12. Any chance someone can help me identify CPP & PRA on the font list below: http://www.foreverfriends.cceasy.com/Popup/Wed_Fonts.cfm?format=WedInv8641&bHideDualFonts=1&bSelectable=0&vid=A709D47C52
  13. I just got a new computer with Windows 7. I have been using Signblazer as a trial version since I first got my US Cutter. I need to reload a cutting program on to this new computer... Does anyone know the link to download (any) cutting software (as a long term trial or free version)? Also, is there a link to download the US Cutter driver so I can load that on to the new pc as well?
  14. ralais

    Boston Skyline

    Does anyone have a cuttable file (eps, sb, etc) of the Boston Skyline?
  15. ralais

    What font is this?

    Could anyone tell me what font this is? logo 3 colors.doc logo 3 colors.doc