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  1. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Been a while!

    Man..must have been a few years since i have been here...just checkin' in from Anaheim, Cali. Not sure who is still on here from back a few years ago..but hello!
  2. charlie_b CFXPaintworks


    Black Ops Modern Warfare 1 Soldier Of Fortune 2 Add me on Xfire mdkdeathstrike Steam deathstrike9144 Game on!
  3. charlie_b CFXPaintworks


    Hey there! Brought this back from the dead. I'll PM you for your facebook.
  4. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Stand Your Ground On Tough Customers!

    To add to this, know the signs of a bad customer. When they approach you already asking for some sort of deal, then know they are not going to be easy to deal with. They obviously had the money or they wouldn't try to get the work done. Then, if you don't budge, they will do what ever it is in their power to make you work more than you need to. "The letter M is 1mm off and now i want the whole thing redone" So look for the signs and listen to your gut. Believe me when i say, they end up costing YOU more than the money you think you will lose when turning this customer away. Anyway, best of luck to all.
  5. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Latest project.

    Thankyou Kenya!
  6. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Latest project.

    Thanx everyone! Yes, it is an RC Car.
  7. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Latest project.

    I know its been a while. I wish i could hang out here more, but i have actually been busy which is a good thing. My Laserpoint is working awesome and still, allows me to produce cool stuff for my customers. I actually took the time to take pics this time...something i rarely have time to do these days, trying to get product shipped. "nuff yapping. here it is. Here is the final results of my latest project. CONCEPT: FINAL[/img][/img]
  8. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    A few more painted, with contourcut Stickers

    Thanx everyone! I use my Iwata Eclipse for the large areas and my HPC for the shadows.
  9. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    A few more painted, with contourcut Stickers

    Had an issue with my contour cutting, but Levi got me all fixed. All masks were done with my Laserpoint, stickers were contour cut with my Laserpoint as well. They were printed from my desktop Printer. The rest are just painted.[/img][/img]
  10. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Some stuff to show..

    Yep, Airbrushed.
  11. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Some stuff to show..[/img][/img][/img]
  12. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Another Local...

    Yeah..he wasn't crazy about the blue so i used brown instead. Funny thing is when i told him i'll use brown and he looked at me and said "BROWN?" hahah
  13. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    Another Local...

    Another Concept to Final product.[/img]
  14. charlie_b CFXPaintworks

    A quick one i did today...

    My T4. Simple. It can be seen on the track![/img]