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  1. DaveS

    Could someone Please Identify? TIA

    That was a good start. Ithink I narrowed it down to Dolphin, works with alittle modding. Thanks again, Dave
  2. Laredo by Keystone I know I either had it or seen it somewhere. any help would be great! Tia, Dave
  3. DaveS

    logo help

    try this third[1].eps third[1].eps
  4. DaveS

    It's time to quit drinking when...

    No this is when it's time to quit.
  5. I think the comparison of the two could be their relationship with the Eagles. Felder was lead guitar, and Henley was lead vocals. Also movie was cool for its time. Dave
  6. http://www.heatpressessentials.com/documents/51.html
  7. DaveS

    when importing the letters?

    yes in illustrator
  8. DaveS

    First Pressed Shirt

    Ok I did it!! Said I was'nt gonna do it, BUT I did Guess you all can guess what I did, OR should I say DID'NT do. Yep you got it, I forgot to reverse the cut. Anyway here it is, had to use one of the gf's shirts as my order has not come in yet. I can dig it The Might Press from Kenya is awesome,(Thank You very much) have a feeling that this is gonna be cost productive. yea! I have a guy at work that is the Prez. of his MC club, I redesigned their logo which in turn payed for my refine the first week I had it.(no copy right violations) have a meeting this weekend to get the order for their shirts. A ? though- is the square where it was in the press normal? at first I thought I may have scorced it but it don't really look like it up close. I used easyweed @ 305 and 14 sec. is this too much time? Thanks all for all the good info. I felt like I new what I was doing even before I did it. Dave
  9. DaveS

    Help clean up please...for a good cause.

    maybe this? sheriff_star.eps sheriff_star.eps
  10. DaveS

    Too good to be true?

    I noticed that too.
  11. another Bogey2.eps Bogey2.eps
  12. Try these, ran them through VM and added the text. Dave Bogey.eps Bogey.eps
  13. DaveS

    First big project

    Just for future reference. What brand and color did you use? It looks like a exact match to the color already on there. Thx Dave
  14. DaveS

    deer silhoutte

    Thank you all