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  1. The cutting strip is clean, the blade looks fine. i have it just peeking out of the end. (blue cap) blade that came with the machine. bought new from US Cutter in August 2012.
  2. I am a fairly new user, bought the Graphtec CE5000-60 less than 2 months ago. I use both intermediate vinyl and heat press vinyl (Stahls Thermo Grip, Stahls SportCut Lite) I have been changing my settings as outlined in the quickstart guide that came with the cutter, setting it to 0 offset and 14 force for the intermediate vinyls and stahls sportcut lite, and changing it up to +5 offset and 20 force for the thermogrip which is a fairly thick vinyl. Everything was going pretty well, until a few days ago. it will start cutting fine (at either setting) and before it is finished with the image (doesn't seem to matter if it's text, simple graphics or finely detailed graphics) the pressure will not be enough to cut through. I am getting about half of any image (even small 2" x 6" cuts) you can see a ghost of the image but that's it. I am running cutting master 2 on the illustrator plug in. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help you can give me!
  3. I have to recreate something using this font....anyone know what it is and where i can find it? trying to do a big favor for a good customer...
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    I just unpacked my Graphtec CE5000-60. I use Adobe Illustrator CS2, and have installed the plug-in Cutting Master 2. I have set all my conditions and loaded in my media. When I ask the program to 'show me' the plot, i get an error message "HP-GL Error 1" I have gone in and made sure my origin is set where I want it, but I can't cut anything. I am starting to get frustrated! Anyone know what I am doing wrong?? Go easy on me, this is my first post!