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    SCAL pushes out the vinyl on my MH series...

    I do have signblazer I have been messing around with it haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet so I always fall back to the sure cuts a lot but I will definanlty keep working with sign blazer
  2. I got the MH 871 and I use SCAL never had an issue before I started using the MH series but it pushes out the vinyl a lot (sometimes it goes almost to the end of the roll) I know it's a user error but I can't figure out what to do to fix it. With 2 young kids I don't have quiet time to call in and get help so hoping someone here has had the same problem and can help me fix it! Thanks!
  3. WritingsOnTheWall

    Make-the-Cut software

    How did you figure it out? Because I haven't been able to...