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  1. Kysmiley

    Having a hard time making an image in signblazer

    Yep that is the way she is doing it, yet it does not look right. Pat
  2. When I open Sign Blazer on my Laptop with win. 7 When the button appears for the trial mode it starts counting up to 30. If I try clicking on the trial button before it reaches 30 the count up will start over again at 1. This is a real pain, the computer works fine with win. XP pro. Is there away around this count up? Pat
  3. My wife has tried to make a design of a motorcycle wheel spokes and all. She can create it in Paint Shop Pro but cant get the image looking right when tring to duplicarte in signblazer. She has been working wonders with signblazer up to now, but is stuck on this one. Corel Draw is being impossible when we try to vectorize the image. Can anyone offer any tips on getting this image to work. It is as said a Motorcycle wheel with spokes, the wheel has wording circling the tire. Please offer suggestions this client has been waiting for a little while for this vinyl cut for his van. Pat
  4. Kysmiley

    Vectorized Boxing gloves

    I am in need of a vectorized image of a pair of boxing gloves. I have tried over and over with Corel Draw 9 to do It but its not working I must be doing somthing wrong. I have done other images but cant do this one. I need this like yesterday. Pat
  5. Kysmiley

    vectorizing an image

    In the past I have been able to use Corel draw to vectorize images. I now need a pair of boxing gloves and for the life of me I cant get it vectorized. I cant get the CMX into sign blazer or if I do get the image to where I think it it vectorized Sign Blazer comes back saying it nis still a bitmap. I need thgis like yesterday please help. Pat
  6. Kysmiley

    Opening two signblazer programs

    Nope no error msg. or anything, just nothing happens the second program does not open. Pat
  7. Kysmiley

    some graphics don't cut

    Well the more my wife uses sign blazer the better she gets. She never liked Corel draw, but then she does all her art work in Paint Shop Pro 9. She is just looking for any easier way that still lets her use PSP. Now she is doing her curves and designs rather fast and the cutting is going much faster. Thanks for the input. Pat
  8. Kysmiley

    Opening two signblazer programs

    How do you multitask with sign blazer? Often while using the cutter to cut my Wife needs to start working on the next design but is unable to open a second sign blazer program that would allow her to do that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Pat
  9. Kysmiley

    cutting lines out of place

    Well I hooked up the ground wire this morning and cut all day with no problems of extra lines being cut. Now to find out how to setup Signblazer to allow me to do more than one cut at a time with out having to make the tile really long and two or three items instead of it cutting them separate. Pat
  10. Kysmiley

    some graphics don't cut

    The video looks good, however do you have one with sound for the full explanation. But what happens when a client gives me an image that needs more that Sign Blazer can do? Pat
  11. Kysmiley

    cutting lines out of place

    Thanx I will try that. I asked in the past about that wire and was told not to worry about it
  12. Kysmiley

    some graphics don't cut

    Trying to upload this image. When I cut it the cutter acts like a dot matrix printer, but just on the star and curvy line graphic. Hope this upload works. ELDEN-MAGISTRATE.SBD ELDEN-MAGISTRATE.SBD
  13. Kysmiley

    cutting lines out of place

    I am having a problem when I cut that cuts are made where I dont want it. I can type a word then when I cut it the complete word cuts just fine but then a line can end up being cut right through the middle of the word. This also happens at times with images. As you can imagine this makes it very hard to weed. Any ideas why this happens? Pat
  14. Kysmiley

    some graphics don't cut

    I will try saving it as something else, right now I need to get this figured out I'm using Corel Draw 9 to vectorize the image. Let me know if Anyone has any suggestions on how to keep my images from cutting in dots instead of lines. Pat
  15. Kysmiley

    some graphics don't cut

    So much for that I have saved it over and over again as an .ai but when i upload it all i get is cmx. I will keep trying