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  1. I had to adjust the blade out more actually. But still same issue.
  2. it didn't do this before. I was cutting some foil vinyl and I think I broke the tip of my old blade so I put this cricut blade it. Maybe I need to just get the roland ones.
  3. the 1st photo with the little kick out seems to be the best I can get it. I know the 2nd photo is too high. I even tried negative offset and no luck. My blade holder is clean. I have the blade depth adjusted correctly. My pressure is at 120 but from what I'm reading, that's probably not the issue. I did a test cut of "Datsun" in a really curvy font and its not bad, there are still a couple kick outs. The test cuts I'm doing were on a rectangle and then I switched to a 1x1 square.
  4. I can never get to Good. I've seen too high and too low. I'm trying to get the pictures off my phone to post.
  5. So I just put the Cricut blade in. I'm trying to adjust the offset but I'm not getting any luck. My corners are coming out wrong. I'm at .59 offset right now. My corners have a little kick on them. I was at a .25 offset with my previous blade. Not sure where it was from, maybe Randy (MrMopar) can chime in. I'm wanting to know what people are using for offset when using this blade in a pcut 24" machine. I've tired lots of different combinations from 0 - .90 and my best cuts are right around .5 - .60 but not right.
  6. Acrylic Conceptions

    What is this type of printing called? If possible.

    Sounds like you'd want a transparent vinyl. when you say SD do you mean South Dakota or San Diego?
  7. Acrylic Conceptions

    SignBlazer E. and Register pop up form

    THANKS!!!! registration code and no more pop ups!!!
  8. Acrylic Conceptions

    line appearing ??

    maybe the layers are wrong and its cutting a "easy weed" line.....
  9. Acrylic Conceptions

    SignBlazer E. and Register pop up form

    I tried to. You mean on this screen? Whats funny is that its not doing it on the computer at work. But then again I did things a little differently too. I actually put stuff in the registration and didn't at home. I have SB on 3 different computers and they all seem a little different.
  10. Acrylic Conceptions

    adding fonts???

    I went back to the source and re down loaded it. then tried the file that I didn't have on the computer =)
  11. Acrylic Conceptions

    SignBlazer E. and Register pop up form

    so I got my activation code yesterday, but I'm still getting the helpful updater..I want to get rid of it but my target is not like what is mentioned in the 2nd post. ideas? just delete it off the computer?
  12. Acrylic Conceptions

    adding fonts???

    I think due to it being a open true font, it wasn't picking it up. I went and found the TTF and it found it....
  13. Acrylic Conceptions

    adding fonts???

    still nothing...... MS word is picking it up and so is inkscape..
  14. Acrylic Conceptions

    6 Graphic #'s from Mega Collection Wanted/Needed

    Looks like it would be faster/easier to just pay the $4/ea and just buy the ones you need for now.
  15. Acrylic Conceptions

    SignBlazer Elements downloads and other info

    I did the crack today. worked great. Thank you.