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    Golf Cart

    That is very cool I love it Susan
  2. Artistic Bling

    Another Vehicle

    Very nice job Susan
  3. Artistic Bling

    Does anyone know this font

    Looking for this font on the logo. I have been looking on all the font sites and can't even find something close. I am hoping it is not a custom font. I tried to have this logo vectorize but they said it was to bad to vectorize. Any help would be great. Thanks Susan
  4. Artistic Bling

    Spare Wheel Cover

    Wow very nice Susan
  5. HI I am new to doing wall decals and I was wondering how to beak apart of a outline design apart. I have a horse outline for a silhouette decal and I need it bigger then my cutter will cut. I have a GCC expert 24 and I need to cut the horse lets say 48 x35 but there are no nodes to brake apart it is just a sold outline. any help would be great. Susan
  6. Artistic Bling

    Smaller cutter need to cut image larger then cutter

    Sorry I ment Jay Susan
  7. Artistic Bling

    Smaller cutter need to cut image larger then cutter

    Hi Jan Thanks for your help I found a video on how to tile an image in Coral Draw so I fallowed along and did it. It wasn't so hard I will keep practicing with Coral Draw and make sure I learn it that it wil come natural to me Thanks again for all your time and help. Susan
  8. Artistic Bling

    Smaller cutter need to cut image larger then cutter

    Hi Jay No I don't think it does I have gone through the hole program and I can't find anything like that. I know if It was a regular Vector Image I can brake it apart but I can't find anything to brake or make into tiles. Someone on here told me that you can cut a large decal into tiles but I never asked her about how you do it or what software she was using. Thanks Susan
  9. Artistic Bling

    some of my work

    Wow you only do this as a hobby??? You really do great work . Susan
  10. Artistic Bling

    Smaller cutter need to cut image larger then cutter

    Oh! Sorry I am using winpc Sign and I can use a littel of coral draw still learing coral draw. Thanks Susan
  11. Artistic Bling

    A week with my Mh 871

    Wow you are doing great keep up the great work Susan
  12. Hi I was wondering if anyone kowns what the quality is of a signmax cutters or does anyone know about them. Are they the same as US cutter brand? Thanks Susan
  13. Artistic Bling

    Does anyone Know who makes signmax cutters

    Ok Ms Skeeter tell me more on how you became a powerseller and how I can make money on Ebay Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese ; Thanks Susan
  14. Artistic Bling

    Does anyone Know who makes signmax cutters

    Thanks Slice I kinda know that I have a 24in GCC expert 24 and I am not to happy with it so I am just looking around I would love to have a Graphtec or Roland with the contour cutting. So we will see. Thanks Susan
  15. Artistic Bling

    Does anyone Know who makes signmax cutters

    Thanks Ms Skeeter
  16. Artistic Bling

    Wall decal Monkeys

    Hi can anyone tell me where I can get these cute little monkeys for wall art . Any help would be great . I all ready check My Vinyl Designs Thank susan
  17. Artistic Bling

    size of cutter for wall art

    Thank you everyone for you input. I am still unsure because my decals and t-shirts will be sold on a online store so I will not be doing the installations. So I think for know I will stick with the 24in cutter. Thanks again Susan
  18. Artistic Bling

    size of cutter for wall art

    Hi I have a 24in GCC expert cutter and I would like to get into doing wall art along with my t-shirts and decals. Would I need anything larger the a 24in. I would like to do home wall art and kids. I don't know if some wall art would be wider then 24in Any info on wall art would be great I have been trying to find a wall art forum but there isn't one. Would somebody like to start a area about wall art Pleeeeeeeeeeease. Thank you Susan
  19. Artistic Bling

    Biggest Weed to date

    I love the design and I have been looking for this graphic for awhile. Thank you so much for sharing now I have to find out how to change it to eps lololo
  20. Artistic Bling

    My daughters room

    That is so nice great graphics . Can you please tell me where you get your wall graphics from. I have been looking on the web for kidsrooms wall graphic on CD and all I can find is MY Vinyl Design, I was wondering if there is another site to buy from with different themes. Thank you Susan
  21. Artistic Bling

    My latest vector.

    Wow the is great work. One question how do you know what vinyl to weed lolo Susan
  22. Artistic Bling

    Racing Karts I've done

    Very nice work . Susan ;D
  23. Artistic Bling


    Just wanted to say hello . I am Artistic Bling (Susan) from Ontario, Canada . I love making decals, small signs and t-shirts. I look forward in meeting , seeing your work and learning a lot more. Susan
  24. Artistic Bling

    toilet decal

    I make thes little peek-A- Boo guys and sell them for laptops. Everyone loves them . You can also put them on kids doors. Susan
  25. Artistic Bling


    Thank you everyone for the great welcome. Hammer I am in Grimsby, Ontario where are you??