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  1. Would love to get the Zombie one if anyone has it.
  2. ignition

    SC issue, vinyl crumples

    I've run into the set screw issue. I have found that besides the crumpling there was another issue with sloppy cutting that was caused by the head unit that holds the blade had one of it's roller come off the track. Fixing that has solved so many issues. Thank you for all your help. Great to know that there is an awesome community here to help if I need it
  3. ignition

    SC issue, vinyl crumples

    No, it doesn't seem to be, it seems that it may be moving slightly when the rollers go back and forth.
  4. ignition

    SC issue, vinyl crumples

    I got an SC and it works great after getting some kinks worked out, but I do have one issue that I'm hoping I can get help with. when I try and do a piece that is 24 inches wide, the vinyl doesn't stay flat and seems to work loose while cutting. I get the vinyl raising between the rollers. any ideas?