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  1. Bought a serial port installed it and now everything works great (and I learned something, never did it before). From now on when you sell these you should remove the USB ports cause they are garbage.
  2. well Ken, I finally got it to cut using signblazer. But it is still freezing up during cutting. I tried the test cut provided in signblazer, it did about half the job and froze.
  3. No signblazer will not work properly, I have never been able to cut using sign blazer or register it. Sign cut X2 had been working great for the past 2 months previous to this what would cause this to al the sudden happen for no reason.
  4. signblazer will not work for me at all, it never did I talked with you on the phone about this when I first got the cutter
  5. In my original post it states I have only USB hook ups no serial port. Anyone got any ideas? I got a couple jobs I have to complete. Like I said it was cutting complete jobs before now it will only do half the job.
  6. Oh yea and I went through the precedure above and it didnt change anything.
  7. I have been using this cutter for a while now and sometimes it works great sometimes not. I am using USB hook up because that is all I have on my computer. Between everyjob I have to disconect and reconect the USB to get it to work again (not a problem I can handle that) but now all the sudden it will cut half of the job and then stop (even on very small jobs) every time. I am using sign cut X2 and the subscription is updated. any ideas of how I can solve this problem. I noticed in sign cut it has a completion bar, and when it freezes 3/4 of the way through thats when the cutting fails.
  8. Yes one of the buttons was stuck in. So that takes care of that. but now I cant get any communication between the plotter and my comp. like i said it did work for half a cut of what I was doing earlier, so i dont know what I did so it wont communicate now. I unpluged and replugged the usb in so do I need to go through some sort of reset up procedure?
  9. Just got my plotter today. Hooked everything up and was able to do a test square cut off-line and then actually was able to do a half cut with my older sign cutting software. The machine was then turned off and an hour later when it was turned back on the display showed all black square and has no comunication or response, I read the trouble shooting in the manual and it says to chack voltage so I tried a couple diffrent outlets and I keep getting the same results. I know they are good. What is my next step? The manual doesn't say anything after that. I need an answer ASAP, I have jobs that need to be completed