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  1. THANK YOU !!! --- I was really hesitant to do that without someone else recommending it, Im in the middle of a big run of parts with a short turn --- So far so good after resetting to the factory default - Cutting strip has a few areas that are scuffed, nothing terrible though ---
  2. Hey All -- I have a FC7000-MK2 that is causing me some headaches. When I cut straight lines in either direction I can set the speed of the plotter as I always do, no issues. However when I have anything that has a curve to it I can watch the head assembly / blade chatter and I get a jagged cut edge. If I back the speed all the way down I get an acceptable cut but it obviously takes FOREVER. I've cleaned up the rails and the platen and everything else I can find on it with no improvement. Graphtec support suggested updating the firmware but my plotter has a dead usb port so I can only use serial. I've been like this for a couple years (connection pc to plotter) Does anyone have any other ideas? --- THANKS for any suggestions !!!