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  1. egobuster1

    looking for something similar

    should get the job done! thanks
  2. egobuster1

    looking for something similar

    looking for a font similar to this to recreate this text.
  3. egobuster1

    my designs

  4. egobuster1

    Font Help

    Yeah I thought it was brushed script but it's different.
  5. egobuster1

    Font Help

    need help identifying this font! thanks
  6. egobuster1

    help identifying this font

    Need help figuring out what this font is. Thanks
  7. egobuster1

    Font help

    cool beans, its for sure close enough that it'll work
  8. egobuster1

    Font help

    can someone help me identify this font please, i know its a boring font but i can't think of what it would be.. Thanks
  9. I tried the RTape 4075 with Oracal 651 but it doesn't have the RLA and it is horrible since it doesn't stick to the release liner so i can't use it when i ship decals. ill have to the give the RTape 4076 a try and see if its better.
  10. egobuster1

    Looking to have T shirts made

    i guess were going with navy blue shirts but still a dark shirt. we can get them screen printed locally for 20 bucks a shirt so i think well just end up going that route.
  11. Alright guys im looking to have 5 t shirts made up for my brother Marine Corps graduation. We are looking for 5 black t shirts varying in sizes with a pretty simple lay out but i think itll have to be printed. we need the USMC 3rd battalion crest on this shirt then we want it to say (CREST) 2-14-14, TUCKER INDIA CO., PLT 3009 Please let me know if anyone could fufill this order for me Thanks in advanc.
  12. egobuster1

    sizing a inlay decal

    yeah this is a tough one thats for sure and that rear valence piece is sloped inwards already to.
  13. egobuster1

    sizing a inlay decal

    Alright i got a picture of it but i can't get this to work. was wondering if someone can help me here.
  14. egobuster1

    sizing a inlay decal

    Alright makes sense. I've just never done anything like that before so I'll have to mess around with it
  15. egobuster1

    sizing a inlay decal

    Im looking for some direction on how to go about getting the exact size for a decal. My buddy has a GTO and wants to have vinyl inlays inserted into the GTO emblem on the rear bumper but im not sure how i would go about getting the exact size so they fit. i will attach some images so you can see what im talking about.