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  1. tonico


    I just ran into a similar situation and this is what I did. Anybody have a better suggestion please bring it up. I was asked to create two phrases in Japanese: "Kings of my heart" and "Queen of my heart". I went to google translate and got the the translation from English to Japanese. Did a copypaste from the WEB site into a blank word docume. Word claimed that the font was "MS Mincho".... So I went to "SignBlazer" picked "MS Mincho"...Crap! they came up as normal English characters.... So I copy/pasted the two phrases from Word into paint and saved as a JPEG. Make sure that you crop to the size of the Phrase or you land up with a pic of the whole page which is mostly blank. Imported into Inkscape and Vectorized it. Imported into SignBlazer and Bingo!! I have not cut it yet but it looks decent. The reason I came her in the first place was to find out if there was a more gracefull way to do this, but found the question so there you have it. It is entirely possible that you may be able to copy paste directly into paint, I have not tried it yet. This I would think would work with other software packages. Have a good one Tony
  2. tonico

    Please id this font

    Thanks a bunch... Who would have put KlingonBlade together with Dynamic (#48)? BTW ever searched dafont for 48? Just make sure that there are no kids around... :-) Again thanks Tony
  3. tonico

    Please id this font

    Hi I am trying to find this font. Apparantly it is supposed to be called Dynamic (#48) but I can't find it anywhere. TIA Tony
  4. tonico

    Problem with forum??

    I don't seem to be able to upload a message with an attachment Tony
  5. tonico


    Hi Ken I finally managed to get around to connecting to the laptop with the serial port. It seems to have fixed the problem but only time will tell. After all it worked just fine for about three months using the USB port.... I bought this mainly because it has a USB port which would enable me to use any laptop. I have to be mobile and conventional PC's just ain't practical for that. Serial ports are practically extinct. I used your cable but I needed a longer one which is next to impossible to find. Managed to find an extension which I guess will have to do for now. I have not looked closely at the mother board. I suspect that there is a bridge circuit creating the USB port from the serial port. This at best would be a hack. IMHO I think that there is a flow control problem between the laptop USB port and the cutter. This would not surprise me as USB does NOT do hardware flow control but rather software flow control sort off similar to Xon/Xoff. This means a number of steps everytime an hardware stop is required from the cutter. If anything slows down this would be the result. Any chance that this would be rectified in the future? Thanks Tony
  6. tonico


    Thanks for reminding about the cable. I did disable the power saving feature of the USB ports. Yes it is a serial port. As soon as a finish some smaller jobs I will try that laptop. Tony
  7. tonico


    Ken Thanks for replying. Luck has it that I was just given a Laptop with a serial port. Problem is that I do swap meets hence the need for a laptop. I find it strange that in our day and age a peripheral would have problems with USB and laptops.... Lets face it just about the only thing that I have not found yet without a USB port and does not support Laptops is a kitchen sink :-) What serial cable does it use? Null modem? Tony
  8. Guys I have had my Creation for about 3 months. Other than the initial going around with the blade setting it has been working pretty decently. Out of the blue it started with the before mentioned "Waiting" state on longer jobs. This has been basic text about 36" or longer. I have been reading all of the threads and there are two things that have me wondering: 1- I don't seem to see where a definitive action fixed the problem. 2- Mine seems to be a little different. At the same time thins started to happen I also ran into somthing else new. If a job completes, if I take the citter off line to change the vinyl, or anyother activity if I put it back on line it will not cut and I get a message " Cannot open the output device. Error initializing Cutter".... Usually power cycling the cutter resolves this but not always. Sometimes twice. Also when opening "Cutter set up" - "Save" in SB it will also bring it back and cut. I have been using a laptop from the get go and the USB port. Using the serial port is not an option. I have checked everything that has been suggested exept using the other USB port on the laptop and checking the connections on the cutter's motherboard. While on the subject of the motherboard I am assuming the the access is throught the bottom. Are the six screws glued in or something? Is the flow control really supposed to be hardware? The only reason I am asking is this feels a lot like a flow control/buffer overfow issue, in order to do serial hardware flowcontrol you need a seperate data line on a standard serial port. I am not sure if a USB connection has this, I could be wrong.... I would really like to explore all options before I launch it across the street. Thanks Tony
  9. Thanks for your reply. I guess that I was not patient enough with it. It looks like that if I wait long enough the temperature with say a setting of 350 will go up to about 355 and than starts to come down to about 346 and than it goes up again. Everytime it goes across the pre set 350 the "out" LED goes on/off depending which way it is going and I can hear it "click" . Tony
  10. Hi I also just bought a Sunie press, which I picked up directly from them (I was in the neighborhood). I am a bit baffled with the temperature setting. Say I set it for 350F. It starts to warm up but when it its 350F, but it seems to just carry on higher and higher. I sort of expected it to stop at 350F for an indefinate period of time. It appears that if I press as it its 350F it will stay there for the duration of the press and after I open it up, it climbs up again. One other thing is that when I check the temperature with an IR thermometer it seems to be higher than the display by about 20-30F. Than again the thermometer is from Harbor Freight so it may not be all that accurate. Thanks Tony
  11. tonico

    Jeep LAREDO

    Thanks Jay. Unfortunatly they don't have it. Usefull site though. Tony
  12. tonico

    Jeep LAREDO

    Hi Can anybody id the font used on the LAREDO on the sides of the hood. It is close to the "Commerce SF" but not quite (D + O). Thanks a banch Tony
  13. Hi Do you mind posting a basic simple report on this press? I am also looking for a press to "test the waters". Does it have the problem with uneven heating? I realize that most anybody will say that one should buy a name brand. In the other hand I attended a sign trade show and basically the general opinion on vinyl cutters was " USwho?", "chinese cutters are crap", etc. Same for SB. So.... but here we are largely happy with UScutter products. Tony
  14. Hi Anybody know where I can find Metal Chrome license plate frames? The ones from SignWareHouse not only have a recess for the engraved inserts the one I bought had double sided adhesive tape already installed... :-( I also tried a couple of samples from RMG Accessory Gear and the samples they sent also have recesses I guess they were worried that I would sell them so they had engraved plastic inserts in them. I would prefer a metal/chrome version of the plastic ones without recesses.... Thanks Tony
  15. Hi I am also considering purchasing one of these. I bought a Creation cutter on the basis of all the feed back, forum discussions, price, etc. I have some concerns about this press as there is little to no feed back. I also do not see a warranty and does it come with a 30 day 100% satisfaction garantee? The last thing that I want to do is to return it because it does not perform to expectation, but that is not as bad as an expensive paper weight. Any answers/reviews. Uscutter seems to have tested it, any chance of posting good photos of the results? Thanks Tony