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    I am a artest who love creating art an the t-shirt biusness is great for me and my partner I desided to settle on Martial arts as a Specialty since I am a martial artest this is the field that I chose but I will be branching out into more apaeral and diffrent events such as wedding,birthdays graduations things like that let me know what you guy think about this Idea

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  1. Hi ken can you please tel me if this could also be the problam with the vinyl on my cutter moving and not staying stable win cutting could my carriage be off track as well.
  2. nastassia2003

    Bitmap vs. Vector

    I have had the same exact problem can some on please exsplain how I can get this to work because all of my pics are Jpg files
  3. nastassia2003

    How To View .EPS Files

    That is a great post but i have one question when I transfer the files will I still be able to cut I have a mh365 I have a lot of pics with wiggit color graphics and since I do Martial Arts Apareal will it help me with can any one tell me how to get registration marks for this cutter/plotter or should I just use tape? nastassia
  4. hi again nastassia here can anyone please tell me how to do registration marks on the mh365 someone said something about using tap can any one help

  5. hi guy nubie still I need to knows how to change a jpg file to a victore I can't cut my artwork with the mh365 that I have