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  1. Never heard of APET so a quick google search found that APET is usually just referred to just as PET and that Mylar is PET. Then a google search for clear mylar found several places that sells rolls inclucing uline, eplastics, laminator.come and even amazon.

  2. I think he's just using those as reference of what he wants. As Dakota said, most programs have a trace feature, but that's not going to give you the outline like you're wanting. You pretty much have to redraw it, or do a lot of editing of the photo before tracing it.

  3. I only recently learned about tangential cutting and looking closer at the Ce5000-60, to me anyway, it does not appear to be true tangential cutting. The reason I say this is the blades for the graphtec all look like a standard drag knife, where as the tangential knife I found for a summa is significantly different. I'm sure someone that owns one will chime in shortly.

    Not trying to talk you out of a new cutter, but the htv lifing could just be a setup issue with your current setup. The Siser HTV stick remarkable well and I've been able to get detail I never would have though possible with my cheap MH cutter. Blade length would be the first thing to double check. Follow Mz Skeeter's instructions on setting blade depth and see if that helps.

  4. There are several font finder tools out there and a few free online ones. Here are a few I've used in the past. You'll want to get a better picture of the fonts in question to upload to these font finding pages.



    Find My Font is what several on here use, it's a paid program but well worth it from what I understand if you need to look up fonts often.

  5. Buddy of my wants a few decals printed, anyone on here want the job? I have the graphics ready to go, and there's no rush so waiting for another project to come alone to group it with is not a problem. 

  6. If by size you mean angle, I believe a 45 degree blade is the recommended blade for cardstock although 60 will work as well, will just probably dull a bit faster.

    If by how much blade is sticking out, follow the standard blade length setting procedures posted by Mz Skeeter a gazillion times on here.

  7. *EDIT: Never mind, just noticed that plastisol was already mentioned in this thread.  Man I really need to read closer.  ha!


    There was a discussion a few weeks ago that brought up plastisol transfers. Perhaps that would work for your needs, although it sounded like you needed a decent size shirt order to make it cost effective.


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