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  1. Signblazer has that preview feature as well. It's nice to use when your design is say 23.5" wide on your 24" wide vinyl. It is a sanity check to make sure the vinyl is straight and good to go.

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  2. Is it always 6"? Or could it be time related? have a tried a complicated design that is the width of the vinyl but only a few inches tall? I can't think of any reason why length would play a factor but time could, if the power to the solenoid is drifting down over time that could cause the pressure to be reduced.

    Have you tried any different cutting software? Again, no idea why that would matter but can't hurt to rule it out.

  3. On 3/30/2018 at 6:31 PM, mfatty500 said:

    Looks good....if it were a circuit board

    That was the first thing that came to mind as well when I looked at it.

    But yeah, as others have said, need more info.

    And I'd suggest the same as signyyouup, with the pen installed what do you get when you hit the test button on the cutter? Start with the easy stuff. :)

  4. Probably an issue with how the CNC software is creating/saving the file. I know I've tried to save some things in formats common to CNC machines and the files never look quite right when reopened with normal vector software.

    If you could post one of your PDFs I and others can try and import them with various software to see if we can find a solution that will work for you.

    You might also try saving your files from the CNC software in a different format.

  5. 13 hours ago, Totallynutz said:

    Depending on the design, Make a copy of it first or as needed.   You can make a very very thin long(Tall)  rectangle like a sliver and use to split the image apart into sections etc. then align them together on the wall by joining the 2 large images to make one or several.

    And depending on the design you may be able to break it other places to help hide the splits. A tree for example, you could split off individual branches so that the seams are then where the branch meets the trunk, or larger branch.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Steven b said:

    When i watched the video and tried it it just cut the square and not the image 

    My guess here is you tried to cut a raster image. You can only cut vector images. Learning and understanding vectors is the first step is learning and understanding the world of vinyl cutting. And just because a file has a vector file extension, such as .svg, .eps, .ai, does not mean that file image is a vector. Vector files can have raster images embedded in them.

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  7. Offset has nothing to do with bad cuts like that, offset only effects how sharp the corners come out. That being said, your corners don't look sharp, but I don't know if that font is suppose to be sharp or if they have more rounded corners. It looks to me like you have a blade exposure problem. You said you replaced the blade, did you then recheck the blade exposure/ cutting depth using Mz Skeeter's method? 


  8. Another topic talking where the posters cutting head is not working got me wondering about cutting pressure. My understanding is a solenoid moves the cutter up and down, in my case it pulls the cutter up and gravity pulls it down.

    Since solenoids are pretty much an on/off thing, how does the machine change the pressure of the cutting head on the vinyl? I mean, mechanically what is changing?