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  1. If the eps files can't be saved so that all the lines are actually connected, you might try the plot to PDF. The fact that it says plot would indicate to me it is "drawing" the PDF and therefor the lines might be connected.
  2. How about if you cut a 1" square, is it exactly 1" on each side?
  3. From your screen shot, it appears your computer has a comm port, have you looked on the back of your computer for a 9-pin sub D connector? If you have one, there is no need to use the usb adapter, you can plug directly into the computer through the comm port.
  4. darcshadow

    My Macbook and my MH series 34" cutter

    As a MH owner I can attest they are not a very good cutter, however, they can be tweaked to cut pretty decent for a hobbyist. Software will not help with your problem of cutting funny or vinyl slipping. The only way software can help the cutter is if the software has the ability to set blade offset and over cut. Adjusting blade offset will square up the corners and adding a bit of over cut will ensure cuts close completely. I suggest we pick one problem to start with and trouble shoot it, then move on to the next one. Setting blade depth, speed, and pressure will be the first steps to getting the cut right. On mine I have my speed set to 120 and pressure to 70.
  5. darcshadow

    What clear application tape for Oracal 951 vinyl?

    One thing to be careful with if you do that, vinyl stretches easier than you'd think so take care pealing the vinyl off the backing.
  6. darcshadow

    Win10 drivers for SC 631e

    Bit late to the party but congrats on getting things up and running. SignBlazer is dated true, but it is a very good program and you can't complain about the cost. Be sure to check out the library in SignBlazer, tons of great graphics in there. SignBlazer is great for basic designs and sign layouts but if you want to get into more complicated designs and graphics you're going to need something else. I like Inkscape, it is a very powerful free vector program. Just something to keep in the back of your mind, right now stick with SignBlazer and get your feet wet in the world of vector graphics.
  7. darcshadow

    RAD wall vinyl

    I know a guy who was doing the food delivery thing, got into an accident and his insurance wouldn't cover it because he was "working" and the delivery company didn't cover him cause it was his car. So now he's basically out a car.
  8. darcshadow

    What clear application tape for Oracal 951 vinyl?

    Well by simple I meant not a design like flames or tribal or something. The knifeless tape you put on like pin striping so you'd have to do it by eye, but in many cases putting pin stripe on by eye can be easier than trying to computer cut the compound curve. It's just another way of doing the same thing and a different tool in your tool box. Might be worth getting some and playing around with. Some jobs it can be much easier/faster, other jobs, pre cut is the way to go.
  9. darcshadow

    What clear application tape for Oracal 951 vinyl?

    If you're just doing simple straight line stripes, you might have an easier time using wrap vinyl and knifeless tape. You put the tape on kind of like pin striping, then the vinyl on over, then pull the tape up and it cuts the vinyl. No application tape needed.
  10. darcshadow

    Best Cutter for the money

    As a owner of a MH, I can agree that it's best to skip it and go to SC or better. Not saying the MH can't be made to work, but it takes quite a bit of tweaking and fine tuning to get it to cut well and it'll never cut as good as the higher end machines. Also, while the startup kit deals are attractive, in general they are not worth it. Just get the cutter you want, some app tape, and a few colors to start and you can figure out what else you need/want as you go along. There are a lot of tools that are nice to have but often times you can made do with stuff from around the house.
  11. darcshadow

    Frosted Vinyls Question

    Found this but the specifications sheet says"Plotting needs to be tested as this is a laminated product". They offer free 5"x7" samples. Might be worth a try. https://www.decorativefilm.com/plain-frosted-colors
  12. darcshadow


    Signblazer is free and works well with the mh. Inkscape is also free and can be used with the mh. Although setting it up does require a little more computer comms understanding.
  13. darcshadow

    Window Tint Cut Files

    I'm pretty sure tint places just hand cut the stuff slightly larger than the window then put it on and trim to exact size by hand.
  14. darcshadow

    Hello from another beginner

    If you want to get your feet wet with software you can download Inkscape for free and give it a go. It's a very powerful free vector program. Vector graphics are one of the biggest hitches people new to the field have getting their head around. Understanding vector graphics is about half the battle in learning to use a cutter.
  15. darcshadow

    Go-C Graphics

  16. darcshadow

    What do you use?

    Inkscape does a nice job, Vinyl Master is also quite good. As for work after, that depends on how good of an image you have to start with as well as various settingn in the vectoring software.
  17. darcshadow

    Print/Cut Question

    Are you wanting to print on paper and contour cut that? Or print on vinyl? With the software, and manually aligning your cutter you can do it, although not as easy as other machines. If you're wanting to cut paper you'll need a carrier sheet and I don't know how well any of them work with paper.
  18. darcshadow

    eps files viewed as thumbnail??

    I believe how the eps is saved has an effect. I have SageThumbs on my windows 7 machine and I can see about half of my eps files as thumbnails. I seem to recall seeing someplace an option to save with or without a thumbnail in some program but I don't recall which one.
  19. My sister purchased a Cameo 3 and a heat press and made several gifts for Christmas this year. I was very impressed with the amount of detail she was able to cut and it got me wondering what is the cheapest large cutter (24" or so) that could match the detail of the cameo? Anyone here work with, or seen work done by a Cameo 3 and know a comparable large size cutter?
  20. darcshadow

    sc2 cutting like a saw blade

    Inkscape is a great design tool but was not designed as a cutting program. It can cut, and I actually use it quite a lot, but a true cutting program would be a easier option for most people.
  21. Curious, what sort of grass grows on your press?
  22. darcshadow

    SB designs to PNG file

    I don't believe the PNG file existed when SignBlazer was created. You're best bet is going to be saving the file as an EPS. I'm curious too, what is POD?
  23. SOme more playing around and I figured out my problem. In wireframe mode the break curve joins the two break points with a straight line. However if I use wireframe fill on the shape, I can truely break the curve. Might give that a try and see if it works for you.
  24. darcshadow

    Delete Line Segments

    Ok, and now I can't do it again. I do the two break curve points and a line appears joining the two points. When I then do a break apart command, I get a sliver of the circle and a 3/4 circle with a line joining it. I can delete the sliver but the line segment joining the curve I can't delete. And to add additional confusion, I just tried to do it in order to get screen shots of what it was doing and now I can delete the line segment. Something is weird. Ok, think I figured it out, and I think this could be a bug. If I'm in wireframe mode I can not delete the line segment. When I do the break curve at the two points I get image on the left. When I break apart I then get two pieces as on the right. Now, if I am not in wire frame mode, but rather use wire frame fill as mentioned in the previous post then I can delete the line segment and get the desired 3/4 circle.
  25. Started playing around more with Vinyl Master and the node editing capabilities. One thing I could not figure out, or if it's even possible, was to delete a line segment between two nodes. For example, if I have a circle that is made up of 4 nodes, top, bottom, left and right. Is it possible to delete the segment between the Top and Right nodes so that I am left with a 3/4 circle line? The best I've been able to do so far is to delete the arc but have it replaced with a straight line connecting the nodes. I want the shape to be open, no longer a shape, just a simple line. In Inkscape, this ability it called "Delete Segment between two non-endpoints", is there something equivalent in Vinyl Master?