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  1. darcshadow

    A Texas Longhorn and a fire truck?

    Some sort of school rival thing maybe?
  2. darcshadow

    Security Sign WIth Real Bullet Holes

    Grabbed a copy, thanks.
  3. darcshadow

    Sharpie holder

    Signblazer doesn't have a fill option that I know of but you could do repeated insets of the image to get a fill that might work.
  4. darcshadow

    I give up

    The letters of script fonts overlap each other. If you don't weld them the cutter will cut into the letters where they overlap. If weld the font it will remove this overcut. I don't remember if you have to convert the font to paths first or not. I know you do in inkscape.
  5. darcshadow

    Keep Calm and ? On

    From wikipedia,
  6. darcshadow

    I give up

    Looks nice, only suggestion would be to make it all just a touch smaller so the frame doesn't cover up anything.
  7. darcshadow

    Avoid Returning to Starting Point

    I forget where I read it but there's a spec. that calls out the plotter can do 24"x60". Although that never made sense to me. If I wanted to make a rectangle that's say 12" by 80" why wouldn't the cutter be able to do that? Anyway, on the Advance page after job thing, you might try changing the gap between jobs. Shouldn't matter but can't hurt to try. I have a mh721-mk2 and it advances after jobs no problem. I am running the latest version of SBE and I'm using the USB option.
  8. darcshadow

    Avoid Returning to Starting Point

    Yes, I'm not at my computer with the program right not but it's under the setting, Advance roll after job, or something like that.
  9. darcshadow

    Lesson Learned today

    I've had that happen, I was right there and caught it though. I think my problem turned out to be a stray node in the design confused the plotter.
  10. darcshadow

    Chevron Font - Have you seen it?

    I did it in Inkscape but most any vector program should be able to do it. Basically I selected the font I wanted and typed out the words. Duplicated them and turned the duplicate into an outline. Then created block of waves and moved it over the text. Next I merged(I forget the actual command name) the initial text with the waves and joined the result with the outline.
  11. darcshadow

    Do you watch American Pickers?

    I watch occasionally, but like any other reality show I always wonder in the back of my mind how much of this is staged.
  12. darcshadow

    Gloved hand pointing

  13. darcshadow

    I give up

    ONe of the above comments mentioned speed, is it better to run a cutter faster or slower to get a good cut? I would think slower.
  14. darcshadow

    App tape roller (Built to do the work) PVC not allowed!

    Is there anything holding the rod in place so that it doesn't slide?
  15. darcshadow

    Files Won't Open

    You might try copying the file to a different hard drive or a thumb drive and open it from the new location.
  16. darcshadow

    how to ? GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!! YEA !

    Try working in wire frame mode, can make it clearer what you are doing when you node edit, especially when you're just starting out.
  17. darcshadow

    signblazer importing eps file to cut

    Did you save the vectored image as an EPS? Do you know where you saved it? In SB did you choose import and navigate to folder location you saved the EPS file? Or in inkscape, do a select all, copy, and then paste into SB. It will paste in huge but you can just scale it down to the size you want.
  18. darcshadow

    signblazer importing eps file to cut

    SB can vector images but I've never got it to work very well. Inkscape is much easier to use and I've heard does a better job. I pretty much do all my design/layout in inkscape then either save as an EPS or copy and paste into SB.
  19. darcshadow

    How to layout for print..

    Your cut contour is just going to be your white box, correct? So just move it to the CutContout layer and make it magenta and you should be good to go.
  20. darcshadow

    signblazer importing eps file to cut

    Be sure to use the import option rather than the open file option.
  21. darcshadow

    SC Cutter

    Look around, it's already here. Mindless people walking/driving/eating with their face in their phone, might as well be a zombie.
  22. Just do a google search for free web hosting. There are dozens out there. Building the page may take some time and reading though. Some hosters have tools for creating web pages and getting up and running with a generic format pretty quickly. Others just assume you know what you are doing and leave it at that.
  23. darcshadow

    Whats the best way to intersect text

    Depending on the software, some give you the option to adjust the spacing between lines. Inkscape offers this. Just enter your text spelling out learning with a return between each line, center it, then adjust the Spacing Between Lines till you're happy. Then you can either try and line up the A's on top of each other, or leave the A out of one of the words.
  24. darcshadow

    SC Cutter

    For me, just playing around and asking questions is the only way I've ever "learned" software. Just start out with simple things and work your way up.
  25. darcshadow

    Graphic help/locating needed (tractor)

    Did you ask who made the hat, maybe you can get the image file from them.